No greater business exists than the US government, so even the Whitehouse is marketing itself on the internet. This is extremely logical as svoter percentages are down, and many citizens feel alienated by their government. The Whitehouse site enables users to interact with the officials who run the country. The internet provides a way for the government to become a more personal entity, and it also helps the government become more easily accessible. This marketing stretegy makes it possible for the browser to gain information on new and debated issues of public policy. By making itself available of the internet, the government boosts its image and almost gains public support because now everyone in the world has access to the more personal side of the government. As we move towards an internet-based future, the government will coincide with the times. In the future, the presently overwhelming governmental system will become more accessible, understandable, and personable. This is all a reasult of marketing on the internet.