The internet movie database is yet another example that demonstrates the future face of marketing. Movie makers worldwide can advertise for thier films through this one, simple, and extensive site. In addition, the interaction made possible between consumer and producer in the database will enable movie-makers to create films that audiences are most interested in. Gone will be the days of tediously designing polls and questionnaires to guage audience desire and response; on the internet, people in the movie industry will talk and discuss cinema-related issues directly with the consumer. How will this benefit the consumer? By utilizing this site, an avid moviegoer has access to immense amounts of information on movies. Anyone with access to a computer and a modem potentially has access to this database. With it, bibliographies and filmographies on actors worldwide can be explored. Other exciting areas of this new marketing strategy include the movia trivia section and a series of interactive conferences discussing developing scripts. It is truly a database for the future of marketing.