The evolution of the virtual experience and the promise of cyberspace have recently begun to open doors to information which were previously inaccessible. Everyone from public universities to big business is racing to cash in on what promises to be the future of information and communications.A totally paperless, highly-dynamic environment has been created in which ideas and images are exchanged free from the binds of the physical world. In this virtual space, there are no rules. There is no government regulation. What exists is the most massive amount of knowledge ever assembled on a common grid. It is for this reason that an internet connection is fast becoming the best way to reach the masses and provide input into a large percentage of the earth’s composite knowledge. The implications of a digital tomorrow on the way man conducts his day to day affairs is astounding. How will the business traditions of the past fit into the binary stream of the future? The world of mass marketing is evolving at an alarming rate, and the vehicle which will bring the business of the future to the doorsteps of every American lies in the web of the internet.


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