A cataclysmic change in communicaitions and marketing promises to take place in the

field of entertainment on the web. Recent innovations in digital media have enabled the

entertainment industry to make their binary sequences available to all those interested,

provideing them with yet another way to get their product to constomers. Case in point,

the Buena Vista Movieplex and its on-line theatrical teasers. This site is set up as an

alternative marketing method to publicize new movies for the Walt Disney company in an

attempt to arouse the curiosity of the masses and reinforce feelings of product loyalty.

What makes this site a useful marketing tool is the fact that itís interactive multimedia

environment provides a more personal experience for the user. Unlike traditional

entertainment sections, on-line browsers may examine clips, soundbytes, and video stills

from a number of possible films. This more personal marketing is a hallmark of the new

digital marketplace. Customers who actively search out a product will be much more

willing to sift through trivial information. It is advertising which is entertaining for the

user. When this fact is examined, it becomes immediately obvious that traditional

marketing is no longer the most efficient way to present a product. In addition, the

network makes financial sense to Disney. Information and advertising can be provided

twenty-four hours a day for very little cost to the company, and has the promise to be

much more effective than conventional advertising. It is for this reason that changes in

marketing will revolutionize the free enterprise system in years to come.