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AROO? (Quien es el guapo senor Kahunna?)

Greetings and Salutations to all who enter here! For the trivia buffs among you...Since graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in May of 1996, I have spent my time operating a College Pro Painters franchise in my wa-hun-dor-full hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition (too also as well as), I have been selling Real Estate for a company called The Owners' Helper, and have continued my moonlighting escapades as a freelance mobile disc jockey. (For more information about rates and schedules, please feel free to e-mail me (HTMail is now available off my resume page!)

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This is a picture of me and two of my favorite partners in crime. The aeromatic phenominon that is Bob Ziegelmann and the ubitquous set-shot presence of David Mathias

Me and the Bobby-nator....Pretty much, a whole lotta love here

This was my lovable fuzzy roommate from last year...Guess how he got his nickname?!!

AROO?!? (enough said)

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