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2108B School of Education
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Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1259
Tel: (734) 647-8366

Recent Publications

  • Stephen L. DesJardins and Brian P. McCall, 2014, "The impact of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program on college and post-college related choices of high ability, low-income minority students," Economics of Education Review, 38:124-138.
  • Fredrik Andersson, Elizabeth Davis, Matthew L. Freedman, Julia I. Lane, Brian P. McCall, L. Kristin Sandusky, 2012, “Decomposing the Sources of Earnings Inequality: Assessing the Role of Reallocation,” Industrial Relations, 51(4): 779-810.
  • Brian P. McCall and Robert Bielby, 2012, “Regression Discontinuity Design: Recent Developments and a Guide to Practice for Researchers in Higher Education,” in John Smart and Michael Paulsen (Ed.) Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research XXVII, 249-290.
  • Stephen L. DesJardins, Brian P. McCall, Molly Ott and Jiyun Kim, 2010 "A Quasi-Experimental Investigation of How the Gates Millennium Scholars Program Affects College Students’ Time Use and Activities," Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 32(4):456-475.
  • Stephen L. DesJardins, and Brian P. McCall, 2010, "Simulating the Effects of Financial Aid Packages on
    College Student Stopout, Reenrollment Spells, and
    Graduation Chances," Review of Higher Education, 33:513-541.
  • Jiyun Kim, Stephen L. DesJardins, and Brian P. McCall, 2009, “Exploring the Effects of Student Expectations about Financial Aid on Postsecondary Choice: A Focus on Income and Racial/Ethnic Differences,” Research in  Higher Education, 50: 741-774.

  • Avner Ben-Ner, Brian P. McCall, Massoud Stephane, and Hua Wang, 2009, “Identity and In-Group and Out-Group Differentiation in Work and Giving Behaviors: Experimental Evidence,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 72: 153-170.

  • David Card and Brian P. McCall, 2009, “When to Start a Fight and When to Fight Back: Liability Disputes in the Worker’s Compensation System,” Journal of Labor Economics, 27:149-178.

Working Papers

  • Brian P. McCall and Benjamin M. Alcott, 2014, “University Access in England: Selectivity and Subject Choice,” University of Michigan, mimeo.
  • Brian P. McCall and Elizabeth M. Starr, 2014, “Effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder on Parental Employment in the United States: Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey,” University of Michigan, mimeo.
  • Brian Jacob, Brian McCall and Kevin M. Stange, 2013. "College as Country Club: Do Colleges Cater to Students’ Preferences for Consumption?," NBER Working Papers 18745, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.
  • Jeongeun Kim, Jiyun Kim, Stephen L. DesJardins and Brian P. McCall, 2012, "Taking Algebra II in High School: Does it Increase College Access and Success?", University of Michigan, mimeo.
  • Brian P. McCall and Alfredo Sosa, 2012, “The Effect of Course Taking Behavior During High School on Academic Achievement and College Access and Choice,” University of Michigan, mimeo.


Other Activities 

Current Dissertation Committees 

  • Michelle Reicher, Education, member
  • Sania Zaidi, Education, member
  • Rob Bielby, Education, member
  • Emily House, Education, chair
  • Anna Kroth, Education, co-chair
  • Andres Martinez, Education, co-chair

Recently Completed PhD's 

  • David Knapp, Economics, 2014, member, (Rand Corporation)
  • Uniko Chen, Economics, 2014, member, (Mercer)
  • Breno Braga, Economics, 2014, member, (Urban Institute)
  • Krystal Williams, Education, 2014, member, (AERA Post-doc Fellow at ETS)
  • James Webb, Education, 2014, member (University of the Pacific)
  • Laura Zimmerman, Economics, 2014, member (University of Georgia)
  • Dan Leeds, Economics, 2013, co-chair (Michigan Department of Education)
  • Pawel Krolikowski, Economics, 2013, member (Institute for Social Research, Post-doc)
  • Italo Gutierrez, Economics, 2013, member (Rand Corporation)
  • Elena Spatoulas Patel, Economics, 2013, member (Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Dept. of Treasury
  • Ryan Nunn, Economics, 2012, member (Office of Economic Analysis, U.S. Dept. of Treasury)
  • Joe Waddington, Education, 2012, chair (University of Notre Dame, Post-doc)
  • William MacMillan, Political Science, 2012, member (Washington University, St. Louis, Post-doc)
  • Jongyearn Lee, Economics, 2012, member (Korea Development Institute)
  • Jiyun Kim, Education, 2011, chair (Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, Korea)
  • Molly Ott, Education, 2011, member (Arizona State University)
  • Ozan Jaquette, Education, 2011, member (University of Arizona)
  • Todd Pugatch, Economics, 2011, chair (Oregon State University)
  • Lijing Yang, Education, 2011, member (University of Georgia, Post-doc)
  • Stephan Lindner, Economics, 2011, member (Urban Institute)