Dr. Bradley P Lehman

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Musical biography:

Bradley Lehman did his graduate work in music at the University of Michigan. There he earned master's degrees in early keyboard instruments and musicology, and a doctorate in harpsichord. His teachers included Edward Parmentier, Penelope Crawford, and James Kibbie. He has worked closely with Baroque specialists Enid Sutherland, Jaap Schroeder, David Sariti, and with singer Norma Gentile and trumpeter Martin Hodel.

Dr. Lehman's repertoire spans most of the solo keyboard literature from 1500 to 1775, plus Renaissance and Baroque ensemble music and some modern works. He is particularly interested in historical styles, unequal temperaments, transcriptions, and directness of expression through musical rhetoric.

In addition to his concert work in North America, Germany, and Costa Rica, he has served several congregations as organist and music leader. His musical activities include various performances on harpsichord, organ, clavichord, virginal, fortepiano, and piano, composition of hymns and keyboard music, continuo work, and collecting and producing recordings.

As a musicologist, Dr. Lehman's major achievement has been the discovery of a keyboard temperament believed to have been Johann Sebastian Bach's own preference for the Well-Tempered Clavier. Details of this are published in Early Music (Oxford University Press, 2005), and available through http://www.larips.com.

Computer biography:

My background in software development (to January 2008) includes 17 years of full-time systems design and coding. I have participated in projects through all phases of development: requirement documents, technical analysis, prototyping, coding, collaborative source controls, data conversion, testing, defect tracking, debugging, tuning, administrative documentation, training, and post-deployment support.

My deeper content knowledge is in systems for university administration, wholesale product distribution, and government assistance systems such as unemployment renewals and food stamps. Many of my software projects have been bilingual in English and Spanish; I also have passable fluency with German and French.

I enjoy handling the multi-valued logic and complex situations in business processes having limited-time transactions. (Values of True, False, Unknown, Expired, Not yet true, True in another time zone....) I also enjoy hands-on coding, testing, and troubleshooting in SQL stored procedures and views: building nested functions and queries that reduce problems to simpler levels of abstraction.

January-March 2008: I am seeking a Programmer/analyst position with emphasis on developing customer applications: interactive self-service applications, administrative systems, and customized databases. 40-hour salaried job, with family medical/dental/vision benefits.  More details....

My residence is in Dayton Virginia, about 125 miles from either Washington DC or Richmond. I prefer a mostly-telecommuting arrangement from an office in my house (unless the job is local to Harrisonburg-Bridgewater-Staunton). This has worked very well from 1999-present, with internet and phone connections.