Harrisonburg VA area radio stations

These stations serve the Shenandoah Valley. The Allegheny Mountains to the west and Blue Ridge Mountains to the east block out most signals from outside the Valley.

(arranged in dial order)

Frequency Station Town Programming Business Phone
88.7 WXJM-FM Harrisonburg Progressive & Urban 568-6878
90.7 WMRA-FM Harrisonburg NPR News, Classical, Folk 568-6221
91.7 WEMC-FM Harrisonburg Classical & Christian Educational 432-4288
93.1 WBGT-FM Staunton Oldies
93.7 WAZR-FM Woodstock Big Band & Nostalgia 800-296-8810
94.3 WTON-FM Staunton Light Adult Contemporary 434-9777
95.3 WFTR-FM Front Royal Real Country
95.5 WZXI-FM Staunton Adult Contemporary
96.1 WLTK-FM Harrisonburg Contemporary Christian 896-9585
96.9 WSIG-FM Mt Jackson Classic Country
98.5 WACL-FM Harrisonburg 60's/70's Music 434-0331
100.7 WQPO-FM Harrisonburg Top 40 434-0331
103.3 WEZI-FM Harrisonburg Soft Hits 433-0103
103.9 WYFT-FM Luray Inspirational Christian
104.3 WKCY-FM Harrisonburg Country 434-1777
104.9 WAPP-FM Strasburg Oldies
105.1 WAMM-FM Harrisonburg Country 434-9424
105.5 WAPP-FM Strasburg Oldies
105.7 WLCC-FM Luray Adult Contemporary 743-5167
106.3 WBOP-FM Mt Crawford Classic & New Rock 432-1063
107.1 WYFT-FM Harrisonburg Inspirational Christian
550 WSVA-AM Harrisonburg News & Information 434-0331
790 WSVG-AM Mt Jackson Classic Country
860 WOAY-AM Oak Hill Religious
900 WKDW-AM Staunton Country
970 WINF-AM Staunton News
1150 WNLR-AM Churchville Contemporary Christian
1230 WAMM-AM Woodstock Country
1240 WTON-AM Staunton Country
1300 WKCY-AM Harrisonburg News & Talk 434-1777
1330 WRAA-AM Luray Country 743-5167
1360 WHBG-AM Harrisonburg News & Information 434-9424
1450 WFTR-AM Front Royal News & Talk
1470 WBTX-AM Broadway Southern Gospel 896-8933

weather from WSVA: 434-9600

weather from WBTX: 896-9289

Information from the Harrisonburg Daily News-Record TV section, Harrisonburg telephone book, and web searches.

See also: US radio stations on the Internet (maintained by MIT)

Compiled by Bradley Lehman, Harrisonburg resident, 1997

Corrections received Oct 2 from Gavin Burt, not incorporated into the above table yet:

-WBGT-FM in Staunton is now WSVO.
-WZXI-FM is licensed to Buffalo Gap, not Staunton.
-WLTK-FM is licensed to Broadway, not Harrisonburg.
-WACL-FM is licensed to Elkton, not Harrisonburg.
-WEZI-FM is licensed to New Market, not Harrisonburg.
-104.9 in Strasburg is WBPP-FM, not WAPP-FM, and has run a Classic Country 
format since August 1.
-WAMM-FM is licensed to Bridgewater, not Harrisonburg.
-WAPP-FM 105.5 is licensed to Berryville and also plays a Classic Country 
-WBOP-FM is licensed to Churchville. 
-WYFT-FM at 107.1 in Harrisonburg is actually W296AU and simulcasts WYFT-FM, 
but doesn't have the call letters WYFT-FM.
-WINF-AM is licensed to Waynesboro, not Staunton.
-As of sometime in July, the people at WAMM-AM in Woodstock claimed the 
station ran Oldies, although I heard '70's music on the station on July 21.
-WKCY-AM runs Big Band and Nostalgia, but mixes in some talk.
-WBTX-AM is licensed to Broadway-Timberline, not Broadway,

You might also like to know that Front Royal has another station.  It is WFQX, 
and is at 99.3 FM.  It runs an Adult Top 40 format.  Most of the information I 
have given you can be found at radiostation.com.

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