Mennonites: Suggested Basic Bibliography

Who are the Mennonites, Amish, and related groups?

The following suggested reading list may give you a basic introduction to different aspects: beliefs, lifestyles, ethnicity, demographics, history, culture, etc.

This reference page is designed to begin to answer questions of the type:

"Hi, I've heard a few things about Mennonites, but am not very familiar with them. I just found your 'Mennonite Connections on the WWW' website, and want to know more about the Mennonites, Amish, Hutterites, Brethren, and other related groups. If I don't want to dig through all the websites online one by one, what books do you suggest I use to get an introduction? Remember, I am looking for just the basics."

I asked for suggestions and recommendations from readers of MennoLink; here are the results. Some of these were mentioned several times.

Also, I highly recommend the Third Way Cafe as an excellent site for basic information about Mennonites and Amish, and their staff is available to answer questions.

- Brad Lehman

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Please send additional suggestions of helpful resources to Also, annotations or corrections for existing entries are welcome; in many cases I have not seen these books myself yet. Thanks.