May 1998

"Kairos" is the only publication by and about artists of Mennonite background or involvement. It is published twice annually, generally with fall/winter and spring/summer issues. Send inquiries to Douglas Witmer, editor, 4405 Osage Ave No 2, Philadelphia, PA 19104, E-mail thutwitmer@mci2000.com.

1-yr subscriptions are $10.00 (US) or $14.00 (CAN). To subscribe, send checks payable to "Kairos" to:

Cynthia Yoder
181 N Fulton Ave
Mt. Vernon NY 10550
e-mail: gabriel1@interport.com

The next issue will be published in June and will include an interview with installation artist Lowell Brown and reviews of Julia Kasdorf's new volume of poetry and singer-songwriter Keith Hershberger's new CD, plus more. SPECIAL OFFER: subscribe before June 15 and receive as a free bonus the winter 1998 back issue.

Older note:

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 13:07:01 -0500
From: CynthYoder@aol.com
Subject: New Publication on the Arts

There is a new Mennonite publication you may want to know about, called Kairos. It is a publication I am editing, under the aegis of the Association for Mennonites in the Arts, to raise awareness of and support the diversity of artistic expression emerging from the North American Mennonite tradition.

The pilot issue will be out in April and will include a sculpture by Katherine Bartel, a poem by David Waltner-Toews, a brief report on the Cincinnati Mennonite Arts Weekend, and an interview with several established and emerging artists.

We will be sending the issue out to the mailing list of the Association for Mennonites in the Arts with the hope that people will subscribe with enthusiasm!

-Cynthia Yoder