Draft: a touchtone telephone call-flow

Read it aloud!

(Or better, have an assistant read it aloud while you don't look at the screen.)

This is the Medicare service line in Alaska.

Our office is closed right now.

Our people will be here when you call back

during our regular business hours.

That's 8 o'clock A-M to 6 P-M Alaska time, Monday through Friday,

or 8 o'clock to noon on Saturdays.

We're closed on federal or state holidays. Thanks!


Again, we will reopen for calls each Monday to Friday from 8 A-M to 6 P-M,

and Saturdays 8 to noon, unless it is a federal or state holiday.

Thank you for calling! Goodbye.

Press any numeric key to Restart this demo....

[Restart] [Bradley Lehman Resume] Part of this example will also be drafted as a speech recognition interface, for comparison.

© 2008 Bradley Lehman