Draft: a touchtone telephone call-flow

Read it aloud!

(Or better, have an assistant read it aloud while you don't look at the screen.)

OK, I'll need to know more about

your reason for calling.

We can help you with claims, billing questions,

benefits, enrollment, replace a card, and more.

We also have services for health care providers,

calling about a Medicare recipient.


First, are you a member, a provider, or not yet a member of Medicare?

If you're a member of a Medicare plan, please press 1 to continue.

If you're a provider, press 2.

Or, if you're not yet a member, press 3.

(short pause)

If you're really not sure if you're on Medicare or not,

we can check it. To do that, press 4.


Again, if you are enrolled in a Medicare plan

and have questions about your account, please press 1.

If you're a provider of Medicare-related services,

press 2 for that department.

If you're not a Medicare member

but you want more information, you can press 3.

Or, if you're not sure if you're on Medicare or not, press 4.


We have some service agents for general questions.

If you want to transfer this call, press 0.

[Restart] [Bradley Lehman Resume] Part of this example will also be drafted as a speech recognition interface, for comparison.

© 2008 Bradley Lehman