Draft: a touchtone telephone call-flow

Read it aloud!

(Or better, have an assistant read it aloud while you don't look at the screen.)

OK, I have the phone number for the federal government's Medicare help line.

When you are ready to write that down, press 1 to continue.


When you are ready to write down that help line phone number, press 1.

Or, if you wanted something else, press 2.

(This intermediate step gives the caller time to get pencil and paper ready,

instead of simply blurting out a phone number.

The next step will then play the number twice, and give the option of a third repeat,

before going back to the Medicare plans question.)

[Restart] [Bradley Lehman Resume] Part of this example will also be drafted as a speech recognition interface, for comparison.

© 2008 Bradley Lehman