Lyrics of the Gilligan's Island theme music, pilot episode

[fake calypso music (C major, all I-IV-V) and Caribbean accent] In tropical sea is a tropic port, vacation fun is the favorite sport, this is the place where the tourists flock, renting the boats at the busy dock. Two secretaries from USA sail on the Minnow this lovely day. A high school teacher is next aboard, all taking trip that they cannot afford. The next two people are millionaires, they got no worries, they got no cares, they climb aboard and they step inside with just enough bags for a six-hour ride. Tourist come, tourist go, tourist touring to and fro, these five nice tourists, they take this trip, relaxing on deck on this little ship. The weather is clear and the sun is hot, [thunderclap] The weather is clear?! [thunderclap] I think it is not! Tourist come, tourist go, tourist tossing to and fro, the captain is brave, he's -- [thunderclap] Caramba! What a storm! The captain is brave, he's a fearless man, and Gilligan helps him all that he can, the wheel she break and lose all control, S. S. Minnow do the rock and roll. The sea is now calm and the weather grand, where is the Minnow upon the sand? What happen now will bring you a smile, the adventures of Gilligan, and the Skipper, and the millionaire, and Mrs. millionaire, and the other tourists on Gilligan's Isle. ----------------------------------------------- [closing theme:] We leave all our friends on this tropic shore, perhaps they will be here forevermore. Maybe a rescue will set them free, tune in next week, and then you will see!

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