What does Brad Lehman do? (occupation is not to be confused with one's identity, as happens on Jeopardy!)

For the official story, see my Resume/Vitae....

Also, I am available for professional freelance music work: performance, composing, arranging, harpsichord maintenance, etc. My normal rate is $25/hr plus any travel expenses. Please contact me with project ideas: bpl@umich.edu

I'm a professional harpsichordist, play concerts, write music (mostly hymns and keyboard pieces), and collect recordings. Other instruments I play in public: clavichord, organ, virginals, piano, fortepiano, recorders, harmonium, synthesizer. In college I played all the orchestral percussion instruments, but that was only because nobody else volunteered.

I live in Dayton, Virginia, and work as a software developer for EPOS Corp of Auburn AL. Earlier this year I also assisted Eastern Mennonite University with dynamic applications for their web site.

My wife Gloria Rhodes and I attend Community Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg. I often lead singing or play keyboards for services there. I was a regular church organist for ten years.

Another volunteer project from a few years ago is the website for the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Chamber of Commerce.

Gloria and I are hooked on the two-player card game "Klaberjass." Our previous game was Backgammon.

I also play contract bridge weekly at the Harrisonburg Duplicate Bridge Club, and about once or twice a month in Waynesboro. I am currently ranked as Life Master (#P455216) with the American Contract Bridge League. A few years ago I designed a player-rating system currently in use worldwide on OkBridge. (And it's certainly argued about regularly: see this analysis or the discussion archived on Deja News.) A bridge-dealing PC program I wrote a few years ago is available through the Web and FTP at the Australian archive or US mirror.

And here's a hymnal concordance I've compiled; it was released in August 1996 by Mennonite Publishing House.

I read MennoLink, and maintain the list of Mennonite Connections on the WWW. Some of that also led to Rosannadanna of the Amish.

My big grad-school projects, in addition to the normal recital requirements and course work, were:
  • a historical survey of requiem settings from c1600-1825
  • an independent-study course including analysis and concert performance of Bach's Die Kunst der Fuge
  • comparison of several hundred versions and settings of the tune Une jeune fillette
  • a paper about musical style and transcription techniques in Antoine Forqueray's first suite, including a new arrangement for harpsichord
  • a harpsichord arrangement of Bach's partita for solo flute
  • comparison of keyboard temperaments, later expanded into this free spreadsheet that analyzes them both objectively and subjectively

In July 1999 I performed and produced a clavichord recording for which I'm now seeking a publisher.

I've done a bit of experimentation with sequencing some of my compositions for MIDI. Give them a try.

Occasionally I turn my musical opinions into Amazon.com reviews of CD's that I like (or, in some cases, dislike).

Sometimes I listen to the radio.

Every few weeks we get our lunch at Hank's in the Dayton Farmer's Market a few miles from our house. Yum!

Occasionally we go to see films or shows at the Harrisonburg Court Square Theater or at the Regal Cinemas.

Here's my CD wish list (and I also have an Amazon wish list)....

And there's also the tour of Germany in May and June 1997, with my friend Marty Hodel.

And playing with the cats.

I like this Pavlicek page about bridge paradoxes...