"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." ~ Kipling

furious wheels turning going where...
mind rush
the rest


four seven

mind rush four

thunderclouds crashing
anger, fury
like the fists coming
relentless, spontaneous, dependable
lightning flashing
emphasis, exclamation
the sight after the sound
the seeing after the happening
one brief moment
all is lit
everything is known
nothing is concealed
his face is hard
his eyes cold
lifeless, inhuman
again the crash of the clouds
this one different than the others
still loud still harsh
lightness again
my knees bent, my head cocked
pleading, begging, provoking
the two wonders of nature strike at once
unison, tandem
the fury with clarity
now its understood
this is how it is, it will be,
it must be
the pounding, the fury
the pain, the pleading
it will be
it must be


mind rush six

I feel sick
no focus no rest no calm
racing, running , scrambling
the pain, the torment
emotional toil
physical anguish swirling
rational, irrational, irrational
yes no no no yes
fuck this
fuck it
i'm gonna lose it
act think question decide
believe consider choose survive
up 'round 'round 'round
down back up down
circles swirling spinning
faster faster switch
changing unpredictable
disposed loathed sickening
ignore rest think NOT
bull shit good luck whatever
consuming despicable
reckless 'round 'round down
forth forth back up
ah shit
ride it out ride it out
new gone down up forth
down switching racing
back up swirling
crazy 'round 'round forth back
speed swirl slip flip
oh god do I feel sick.


mind rush seven

pseudo-ecstatic second hand elections
time worn and well fitting
stamp viciously your
eternal saffron smile.
can addiction yield creativity?

catch in the touch sensory
the feeling of whipped peas
to the days events when
we first began to engulf
few instances of caring.
Is neglect stream-lined compassion?


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