Bobbie Wu's Home Page

Hi I am Bobbie, a graduate student in applied math at the University of Michigan.


Challenge Problems(Link):

  • If you are in my class (Math 115-056 Calculus I, Fall 2013) and you are the first one to solve any one of the Challenge problems, you are allowed to change one of your quiz scores to full score. If you solved two of the problems, you are allowed to change one of your quiz scores AND one of your team homework scores.

  • In general, if you solved n problems, you can change n-1 quiz scores AND 1 team homework score. Plus, your name will be added to the problems you solved as acknowledgement.

  • In case somebody just copy solutions from web without actually understanding what they write, you will need to explain to me your thoughts and some detail how you solve the problem.

  • The problems will be updated over time


  • In class we used a strange number e = 2.718... as the base of exponential function. This number is called the Euler's number. In this note, you can find out more about this interesting number.


    Useful Resources:

  • is one of the most wonderful websites where you can find perfect explanations on important concepts from Calc 1 such as logs, exponents, limits, as well as concepts from Calc 3 such as flux, divergence, curl, etc.

  • Wolframalpha is a super powerful calculator (or, rather, a math search engine) that can solve most of the math problems such as solving equations, computing derivatives/integrals, doing algebras, etc. You may use this to check your solutions.

  • Khan Academy is a great website that complements our in-class letures. On this website you can find videos that give really good explanations for various key concepts and methods.

  • Explore this Dimensions website to find out more about geometries in 2-, 3- and even higher dimensions!