Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Index for surname de Joinville

Person[Birth - Death]Spouse
Geoffroi I de Joinville [? - ?] Blanche de Reynel
Geoffroi II de Joinville [About 1045 - ?]
Geoffroi III de Joinville [? - 1188] Félicité de Brienne
Geoffroi IV de Joinville [? - August 1190] Helvide de Dampierre
Geoffroy de Joinville [? - 21 October 1314] Maud de Lacy
Roger de Joinville [About 1060 - ?] Audiarde de Vignory
Simon de Joinville [? - May 1233] Beatrice d'Auxonne-Bourgogne

Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy
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