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Research notes:

Facts for the family of George Albert and Elizabeth Greenawalt are in their marriage notes, starting about 1826 in Ohio. The notes below are for potential Albert/Albright ancestors of George Albert, in the Pennsylvania records before 1820, although none have children with ages to match this family:

1793 Leonard Albright and Abram Greenewalt were listed on the Pennsylvania septennial census for Manor Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. [1]

1784 John and Catherine Albright and Leonard and Elizabeth Albright sold land in Conestogoe Twp, Lancaster County to Henry Miller. [2]

1738 John George Albert warranted 202 acres of land in Cocalico Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania [3]. A map of Clay Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania shows the tracts of John George Albert and Philip Greenwalt [4]. [Photocopy] Map of nearby patents in Clay Twp, Lancaster County.

1800 George Albright and female age 26-44 lived in Lancaster Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with listings nearby for Crawford, Hoofnagle, McClure, George Huber, and Valentine Hoffman. [5]

1800 George Albrecht lived in Columbiana Twp (image 3 top panel), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Males: three age 0-10 and two age 26-44, Females: one age 0-10 and one age 26-44 on the same page as David and Christian Rohrer, Jacob Musselman, Benjamin Hirshy, Philip Meyer, John Kneisley Jr, and Daniel Lieb. [6]

1800 Elias Albright and female age 45+ lived in Lancaster Twp (image 13 bottom), Lancaster County with two males and 2 females age 16-25. On the same page were listings for Michael Huber, On the prior page were George Dobler and Henry Winauer. [7]

1806 the will of John Albright (relationship unknown) was dated 26 June 1806 and probated 2 Aug 1806 in Lancaster Borough. Named children Anthony, George, Peter, John, Jacob, William, Frederick, Elizabeth and Daniel.

1810 Elias Albright and female age 45+ lived in Lancaster Twp (image 11 bottom), Lancaster County with neighbors similar to the 1800 listing. [8]

1810 George Allbright and female age 26-44 were listed in the census for Lancaster Twp (image 15 bottom), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with two Males age 0-10 and 2 females age 0-10 listings nearby for Michael Huber, Henry Winour, George Dobler, Henry Roth, Jacob Bundle, Jacob Brunner, John Doersch. This listing could be for this George, if the male children died. The neighbors suggest he lived close to Elias Albright.

1810 George Allbright age 26-44 and female age 16-25 were listed in the census for Lancaster Twp (image 19 top), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with one Male age 0-10 with listings nearby for Jasper Yeakes, Wm Cooker, Adam Reigart, John Gibb, Frederick Kuhn, Patton Ross, Saml Attlee.

1810 George Albright (age 45+) lived in Hempfield Twp (image 6 bottom panel), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Males: two age 0-10 three age 10-15 and one age 45+, Females: one age 10-15 and one age 26-44 on the same page as David Rohrer, Thomas Derry, Fredk Gram, Jacob Meyer, Lawrence Ament, Peter Musser, Jacob Heistand, Isaac Hogendobler. [9]

1810 George Albert age 45+ lived in Hempfield Twp (image 5 lower panel), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Males: two age 0-10 and females one age 0-10, three age 10-15, and one age 26-44. Jacob Hecker, Henry Effort, Jacob Imhoff, Newcomer, Casher Snyder were listed on the same census page.

1814 George Albright, perhaps this one, served in the War of 1812 under George Marx.

The will of Albright, John in Lancaster Borough. June 26, 1806 August 2, 1806, Book: J, Volume: 1, Page: 5, Wife: Name not given. Children: Anthony, George, Peter, John, Jacob, William, Frederick, Elizabeth and Daniel. Ex.: George Albright and Matthew Zahn.

Albright, George of North Woodbury, see record: PA-7-D-17.

John Christian Albright c 1722-1784 (Bern Twp, Berks County, Pennsylvania) family is described in the book: Know your relatives: the Sharps, Gibbs, Graves, Efland, Albright, Loy, Miller, Snoderly, Tillman, and other related families, page 89. Author: Peters, Genevieve Elizabeth (Cummings). Relationship unknown.

Redfern book on page 403 (see Greenawalt folder) lists Frances Brenneman married to Peter Albert. Peter was born 1776 and is the son of John Philip and Mary Regina Albert of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

PA Land Warrant Applications for 1748 has 2 Lancaster listings for George Albright:
1) for 100 acres adjoining Peter Woltz and Henry Clibe about _ mile from above tract over Susquehanna and to pay £10.
2) on 11 Jun for 100 acres called the Dirty Swamp including a small improvement adjoining Johannes Shettly, Yerick Moyer and Nicholas Wilt on the west side of Susquehanna River.

Albright - Perry Co. Albright, George (d. 1822) - Served in the Revolutionary War. Spent his adult life in Buffalo Township of Perry County, Pennsylvania. Children were George Albright, John Albright, David Albright (1782-1852), Frederick Albright, Margaret Albright Foster (husband Joseph Foster), and Cathrian Albright Briniman. George's wife Barbara might be Barbara Cradelbaugh. Names of George's children came from his will. According to the family history, George and his brother Jacob immigrated from Switzerland and indentured themselves to Mr. Grubbs of Lancaster County for three years to pay for their passage. They are sons of George Albright who remained in Switzerland. The family history states that Jacob was the Albright that founded the Albright Church but that information does not seem to fit the information available on the founder of the Albright Church. Perhaps there was a brother Jacob...just not the Albright Church Jacob. I have information on David Albright and his move to Ohio, then Indiana, and his children's lives in Indiana and Illinois that I would be happy to share. Please contact Jane Shaw Sun, 5 Mar 2000 17:36:45.

1841 The will of a George Albert of Hempfield Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania named deceased son George.


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