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Notes for Elizabeth Delahoy

Eliza Delahoy Billing Miles Cushman, Boston 1889.

Note from John Francis (Jack) Schafer: "Elise (or Eliza) Delahoy or (Delahaye) was born in 1809 in Greenwich, England, of French ancestry, and died in Boston in 1890. She was the second wife of William Billing, born in 1788. He was a widower with 7 children. Elise became the governess for his children. They were later married in 1831. They had one child, Frederick Billing, later known as Frederick Billing Miles. William Billing died at sea in 1834. Her son, Frederick Billing Miles, was born at Bledlow Bucks, England in 1833 and died in Chicago in 1891. He, at one time, was a partner of Philip Armour in Milwaukee.

Elise married the second time to Rev. Fred Miles in 1839, a Baptist minister, also a widower. They emigrated to Fredericton, New Brunswick. Her son may have been adopted and became known as Fred Miles, like his step father. The Miles had a child who died. Following Mr. Miles' death, Elise married Rev. Robert Cushman. They had a daughter Ella (later Mrs. S. A. Davis). This would be the Ella mentioned in Elise's letter to her grandson, Frank Miles (son of Frederick Billing Miles). They lived in Washington and Boston. Grandma Cushman (as my mother knew her) died in Boston on May 4, 1890.".

Notes of Henry Wyles Cushman (Cushman Family History, by Carla Cushman): "Widow of Rev. Frederick William Miles of Frederickton--a lady of distinguished intelligence and Christian virtues. Her maiden name was Delahoy, of French Huguenot descent. She bore Robert Cushman 3 children, 2 of whom died in infancy.".

Death record: Eliza Cushman, maiden name Delahoy, a widow, age 80 years and 8 months, died 4 May 1890 at 195 Main St. in Boston, Massachusetts. The cause of death was enteritis, 18 days. Eliza and her mother and father were born in England. Her mother's name was Elizabeth.

1890 Eliza died on May 4. "d. Bunker Hill District, Charlestown, Mass., May 4, Eliza Cushman widow of Rev. R.W. Cushman, age 80 years 8 mos. She was originally the wife of Rev. Frederick Miles, one of the founders of the New Brunswick Baptist Educational Society and the first principal of the Seminary established at Fredericton. Mr. Miles went to England on a collecting agency for the institution. He succeeded in bringing home some money, but what was better, he brought a wife of priceless value. She was the daughter of Mrs. Moore of London; she was highly educated. Sometime after the death of Mr. Miles, she married Rev. Dr. Cushman at that time pastor of the church at Bowden Square, Boston. By him she had one daughter who in the process of time became the wife of Dr. Davis. After the death of Dr. Cushman, she remained with her daughter." [1]


[1] Daniel F Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics, Vol. 78, number 1971, citing Saint John Messenger and Visitor, 28 May 1890, [Provincial_Archives_New_Brunswick].

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