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Notes for Ada Elinor Harte

Judith (Schafer) (Chevalley) Hiss recalled, "Ada was a homemaker. She had been a bookkeeper in her father's stove factory business and loved math." [1]

Jack Schafer wrote, [2]

Granny or Mama (both being my mother's names for her) moved her family a third time, back to be with her parental family in Hamilton, Ontario. As a result of these moves, my mother spent her three years of high school in three different schools: Omaha, Longmont, and Hamilton, after spending all of her earlier childhood in Chicago and LaGrange.

Mrs. Miles subsequently moved back to LaGrange in 1905 with the five younger children leaving Aunt Marion and Mother in Hamilton. She had family help as both Mother's Aunts Sarah and Nettie, Granny's younger sisters, lived with her from time to time and helped with the family, probably both in Hamilton and LaGrange. Sarah and Nettie both were life-long Canadians as far as I know although I assume that Granny must have been an American, being a widow for 45 years. Most of her later life was in LaGrange where her daughter Dorothy and family and son Marshall's widow and family all lived. She moved the last year of her life into my mother and dad's home in Pullman, Washington, where she died in 1945.

(I was home on Army furlough from Alabama in August of 1944. Following this Mother and I went by train to Chicago where she picked up Granny and took her back to Pullman for a change of venue of daughter's homes. I have pictures of Granny, Mother, Aunt Dorothy, and Aunt Jean (Marshall's widow) in LaGrange before my returning to Alabama. I was home again in December, following completion of Army Officer Candidate School, and saw Granny again. She would have been the age then that I am now.).

Living in Pullman, where my parents moved in 1913, we knew very few relatives, let alone grandparents. Almost all of my limited information must have come from conversations with Mother prior to my leaving home in 1942. I believe that I saw Granny no more than six times in my life and only for short periods then. I have pictures of me with her when I was one year old, when she visited at Pullman on her way home from a year in China with Aunt Marion and Uncle Belfry, medical missionaries there for some 14 years.


[1] Personal Communication, Judith Schafer Chevalley Hiss.

[2] Family Document, Notes written by John Francis (Jack) Schafer.

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