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Notes for Sanders Alexander Reed

1766 The birthdate of Sanders Reed is undocumented, but various sources suggest his birth was about 1766. [Censuses: 1810 age 26-44, so born 1766-1784; 1820 age 45+, so born before 1876; 1830 and 1840 suggest born 1760-1770; Marriage of son William in 1817: suggest born before 1767, if both age 20 at marriage; 1847 grave marker in Wyandot County, Ohio died 2 Dec 1847 at age 25d 2m 81y corresponds to birthdate 6 Sep 1766].

1790 Sanders Reed was not on the tax lists for Fairfax County, Virginia, although several of his older brothers (James, John, and Nelson) were listed. [1]

1795 In February, Alexander Reid [sic] and Ann Dalton were married at the Old Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, Virginia. [2]

1796 Saunders Alexander Reed was named as the husband of Ann Dalton, daughter of John and Ann Dalton, in a court proceeding in Alexandria, Virginia [3]. Another source reports, without documentation, that Sanders and Julia (Hatfield) Reed were the parents of William S Reed [4]. We assume that the second source was in error, perhaps arising from confusion with the married name of daughter Julian (Reed) Hatfield.

1799 Sandy [Sanders?] Reed was taxed in Fairfax County, Virginia. [Photocopy, Tax record for Sandy Reed in Rockingham County, Virginia.][5]

1800 Alexander Reed was taxed in Fairfax County, Virginia for one white male. [6]

1803 On 25 December, Sanders Reed married Betsey Cansboy [Rebecca Elizabeth Crosby?] in Augusta County, Virginia. [7][8]

1810 Sanders A Reed (age 26-44) lived in Rockingham County, Virginia with four males age 0-10, one male 10-15 (William), one female age 10-15 (Julian), and one female age 26-44 (Elizabeth). George Crosby, perhaps the father of Elizabeth, lived in Augusta County, Virginia [9]. Robert, John, William, and Alexander Reed also lived in Augusta County, Virginia.

1813 Sanders Reed signed and gave permission for his daughter Julian Reed to marry Edward Hatfield in Rockingham County, Virginia, suggesting that Julian Reed may have been under-age at the time. [Photocopy, Marriage permission for Julian Reed and Edward Hatfield signed by Sanders Reed, 1813.]

1817 Sanders Reed signed the bond for the marriage for his son William S Reed to marry Christina Wanger in Rockingham County, Virginia. [Photocopy, Marriage bond for William S Reed and Christina Wenger, 1817, signed by Sanders Reed.]

1820 Sanders A Reed lived in Rockingham County, Virginia, age 45+, with four males age < 10 (Sanders and David and 2 others), two males age 10-15 (Robert and George), one female age < 10 (Rebecca), one female age 26-44 (wife Rebecca), and three people involved in agriculture. [10]

1822 The birthplaces of children listed in the 1850 census suggest that the family moved to Ohio about this time.

1830 Sanders A Reed lived in Hocking Twp, Fairfield County, Ohio age 60-70 with 6 males age 0-30, girl age 5-10 and female age 40-50 (Elizabeth). Other families living nearby, who might be related, included the household of Nancy Reed, age 70-80 and the household of Jacob Hatfield age 20-30 (possibly a son of Edward Hatfield). [11]

1840 Sanders A Reed (age 70-80) lived in Salt Rock Twp, Marion County, Ohio. A female, age 50-60, (wife Elizabeth); 1 male age 20-30 (David?), 2 males age 10-15 (Nelson and Alfred), 1 female age 15-20 (Elizabeth), and 1 female age 20-30 (Rebecca?) also lived in the household. [12]

1845 On 20 August, Sanders A Reed, perhaps the son of this Sanders, purchased lot 75 in Upper Sandusky, Ohio for $26. "Upper Sandusky, a town laid out by the General Government, is delightfully situated on the Sandusky River, near the center of the Wyandot Reserve, and the seat of justice of the new county of Wyandot has been permanently fixed at said town." [13][14]

1846-49 (James) Sanders and Elizabeth Reed of Ohio were named as heirs in the estate of Elizabeth's brother George Crosby in Randolph County, Indiana (listed in the 1840 census for Shelby County, Indiana). William C Judd (listed in 1840 Shelby County, Indiana census) was appointed administrator for the estate on 2-12-1846. [15]

1846 George John Crosby, Elizabeth Reed and James Reed and Mary Crosby and John Crosby were listed as non-residents of Indiana in a petition to sell the real estate of George Crosby deceased. Ann Wherry and John D. Wherry were also mentioned 5-16-1846.

1847 John D. and Ann Wherry, Elizabeth & Sanders Reed, John, Jacob L. Mary John & Darius were mentioned among heirs of George Crosby deceased. date 3-13-1847.

1847 George Charles Calvert bought a lot in Pleasant View from the estate of George Crosby, deceased. Darius F. Crosby bought another tract of land of George’s estate, 9-15-1847.

1847 On 2 December, Sanders A Reed died, at age 25d 2m 81y, and was buried at Little Sandusky Cemetery in Pitt Twp, Wyandot County, Ohio.
1847 Gravestone Sanders A Reed.[16][17]

1848 George Crosby died leaving wife Ann, brother William.

1849 The settlement of George Crosby’s estate, listed heirs; Darius F. Crosby-assignee of Joseph Crosby, Ann- wife of John Wherry, John Crosby of Ohio, Elizabeth Reed of Ohio, Jacob & Mary- children of William Crosby decd. 2-6-1849.

1849 The final settlement of George Crosby, deceased, listed heirs: Joseph Crosby, Ann wife of John D. Wherry of Shelby County, Indiana, John Crosby, and Elizabeth Reed of Ohio, brothers & sisters of deceased. William Crosby a brother of said decd. died while a minor? a number of years since leaving Jacob S. Crosby of Putnam Co. Indiana and Mary wife of John Crosby of Kentucky his children. 2-1849.

1850 Elizabeth Reed (age 67, born Pennsylvania) lived in Pitt Twp, Wyandot County, Ohio with Rebecca Reed (age 35), David H Reed (age 30, painter), and Elizabeth Crosby (age 28), all born in Virginia and with Nelson I Reed (age 24), Alfred A Reed (age 22), and Oliver H Reed (age 5), all born in Ohio. Son George Reed (age 40), a cabinet maker born in Virginia, lived with 4 children (no wife) in the same dwelling as widow Elizabeth Reed. Son Sanders A Reed (age 32), a cabinet maker born in Virginia, lived in Pitt Twp, Wyandot County, Ohio with wife Caroline (age 23, born NY) and children Stativas (age 11), Mandana (age 8), and Asdrubal (age 5). [18]

Research Notes:

"William S. Reed was a native of the Old Dominion, born in Fauquier, and reared in Rockingham county, and the son of Sanders and Julia (Hatfield) Reed. The Reed family came originally from Ireland, and were early settlers of this country." [Could this be a confusion between daughter Julia Reed Hatfield with Sander's wife?][19]

A Family History Library record listed Saunders and Sanders Reed born 6 September 1766 with wives Ann Dalton and Rebecca Elizabeth Crosby dying in Wyandot Ohio on 2 December 1847. No documentation was given.

The ancestry of this Sanders Reed is uncertain. There are several uncertainties. First, the name of Sanders Reed is reported for three marriages: a 1796 marriage to Ann Dalton in Virginia, an 1803 marriage to Elizabeth Crosby in Virginia, and a marriage to Julia Hatfield in a biographical sketch of a known descendant of Sanders Reed. We assume here that the first two marriages were for the same Sanders Reed, and that the third is an error. Second, a Sanders Reed was a son of Nelson Reed. We assume here that Sanders Reed, son of Nelson Reed, was Sanders Reed, who married Ann Dalton and Elizabeth Crosby. Third, there are records for Sanders Reed in Virginia, and subsequently in Ohio. We assume that these records refer to the same person. The circumstantial evidence is summarized here. The marriage reports of Sanders Reed to both Ann Dalton and Elizabeth Crosby took place in Virginia. Sanders Reed signed the marriage certificates of William and Julian Reed and a historical account of William's descendants names Sanders and Julia Hatfield Reed as their mother. Daughter Julian married Edward Hatfield and they have been followed through census records. Sanders Reed, the husband of (second wife) Elizabeth Crosby, moved from Virginia to Fairfield County, Ohio and was listed in the 1840 census close to Edward Hatfield, a son-in-law through daughter Julian. The only link between Sanders Reed, the son of Nelson Reed, and Sanders Reed, the husband of Ann Dalton and Elizabeth Crosby, is their proximity in time and place in Virginia and the birth of a son by name of Nelson Reed to Sanders and Elizabeth.

Sanders Reed and wife Elizabeth Crosby Reed lived in Ohio. Records from the estate of George Crosby, show that his sister, Elizabeth Crosby, was married to Sanders Reed of Ohio. We would like to find copies of the original documents.

The birthplace of Rebecca Elizabeth Crosby Reed is uncertain. In 1880, son George W Reed (age 69, with father born in Virginia and mother born in Pennsylvania) lived in Harrison Twp, Franklin County, [20]. However, son Robert Reed reported mother born North Carolina [21], son Alfred reported mother born Maryland [22], and son Sanders reported mother born Kentucky [23]. Were they all the same person?

If male Reed descendants of the two marriages of Sanders Reed contribute DNA samples, then we would know if the same Sanders Reed married both Ann Dalton and Elizabeth Crosby. That might also help determine a link to male descendants of Nelson Reed, if any can be identified.

The names Sanders Reed and Alexander Reed may have been confused in the military records, by some researchers. We have not yet found evidence that this Sanders Alexander Reed served in the Revolutionary War and we seek further documentation about that era of his life. We have seen two National Archives pension records [24] and [25][26] for Alexander Reed (neither of whom was this Sanders Alexander Reed) with service records in Virginia. Two queries for records report the name Sanders Alexander Reed regarding the Revolutionary War [27][28]. One secondary source reports Alexander Reed, enlisted 1776 as a Sgt. in Capt. Andrew Wallace's Company, Colonel James Woods 8th Virginia Regiment Br 1760, Virginia; married Elizabeth Crosby 2nd wife; died 1847, Wyandot County, Ohio, but this citation appears to combine facts for Alexander Reed [Pension S36872] and this Sanders A Reed [29]. Sergt. Alexander Reed, has been registered as an American Revolution Ancestor [30], but the service is apparently uncertified. Land was surveyed for Alexander Reed [31].

There was a Reed family living in Rockingham County:

1784 On 22 January, Alexander Reed and Rebecca Mitchel were married in Rockingham County, Virginia. [32]

1784 On 6 December, Mary Reed and Joseph Hickenbottom were married in Rockingham County, Virginia. [33]

1802 On 3 May, Alexander Reed and Mary Foster were married in Rockingham County, Virginia. [34]


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