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Notes for Elizabeth R Page

1850 Elizabeth R Page (age 5, born in Ohio) lived in Washington Twp, Clermont County, Ohio with her parents Michael C (age 32, born in Ohio) and Sarah C. (age 30 born in New Jersey) Page. Elizabeth's uncle, Benjamin Schooley (age 19), chairmaker, lived with them. Her father Michael's real estate was valued at $500. [1]

1854 Elizabeth's uncle Benjamin Schooley was committed to a lunatic asylum by her grandfather Benjamin Schooley Senior and her father M.C. Page. [2]

1857 Elizabeth Page's family and several relatives had moved from Clermont County (near Cincinnati) to Darke County, Ohio, according to land ownership maps.

1860 Elizabeth's parents, M.C. and Sarah C Page, lived in Greenville, Jackson Twp, Darke County, Ohio with Elizabeth R Page (age 14), and John R Page (age 9). Living nearby was Uncle Asahel Page. [3]

1865 Elizabeth Page's uncle Benjamin Schooley died.

1868 Dec 26 probate: Elizabeth Page's great-uncle Asahel C Page died. Isaiah C. Pickett, older brother of her husband Charles Pickett, executed the estate with probate judge Meeker. Elizabeth wrote about caring for Uncle Asahel in this transcription of a letter. [4]

M C Page adm of Ashel C Page. Note of Testimony:
Elizabeth R Picket states that she was acquainted with A C Page decd. knew him at his last illness. he had a constitutional disease … don't remember the time he stayed at my fathers house. I was not there at the time he died. Some of the time he was not able to take care of himself. M C Page is my father. X cross he gave my father a Secretary Book Case and table. he gave my brother a silver watch. my Mother took most of the care of him. he gave mother a pair of Spectacles.
John D Hartshorn states: I was at Mr Pages House - Dr asked him to go to Davis ? to attend to because Dr told Mr Page that he would give him what money he had to pay expenses which if not enough he would settle ? or some other time I distinctly remember his telling M C Page that it was all the money he had. This must have been in August 1865. Dr Page had a constitutional disease some Kidney affection required some considerable washing to keep his Bed and other clothes clean. It is worth $1 per day to Board and lodge him. X
Estimates Secretary at $5 or $6 Book Case at $2 or $3 don't remember as to table or watch.
Dr Page stated to me that he had no money to fix up the house with about the time I have spoken of -
This letter, by Elizabeth upon the death of her great-uncle Asahel C Page, documents her parents' identity. [Photocopy] Letter by Elizabeth Page about great-uncle Asahel Page death, page 1, 1868. [Photocopy] Letter by Elizabeth Page about great-uncle Asahel Page death, page 2, 1868.

Grand-daughter Gladys Teegarden wrote letters to great-grandson Robert Wolfe mentioning the Picketts [Robert's annotations in parentheses] [5]:

Some I do know now is my Grandmother Elizabeth May Page (Pickett) was a school teacher. Grandmother Elizabeth May Page had a brother John Page who was President of 2 different banks. He had a large home in the middle of one acre of ground in the middle of New Castle, Indiana. Charles T married Elizabeth May Page. Petrovna Jane was the 10th child 1883-1944. If you want more of that (the Page line) you may be able to get some information from New Castle, Indiana. That was the last bank (great) Uncle John Page was with.... He died some time in the 1920s. Maybe 28 or 29. My Grandmother Elizabeth Page Pickett came from a rather wealthy home. She had an expensive side saddle her children used t(o) play on.


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