Constance of Penthièvre

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Ancestors of Constance of Penthièvre

                 ┌─Stephen of Brittany ⇒

           ┌─Alan of Brittany

           │     └─Hawise of Guingamp

     ┌─Conan IV of Brittany

     │     │     ┌─Conan III of Cornouaille

     │     └─Bertha of Cornouaille

     │           └─Maud FitzRoy ⇒

Constance of Penthièvre

     │           ┌─David I King of Scotland ⇒

     │     ┌─Henry of Scotland

     │     │     └─Maud of Northumbria ⇒

     └─Margaret of Huntingdon

           │     ┌─William de Warenne ⇒

           └─Ada de Warenne

                 └─Isabel de Vermandois ⇒

Descendants of Constance of Penthièvre

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