Marie Therese Cote

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Ancestors of Marie Therese Cote

                 ┌─Jean Cote

           ┌─Martin Cote

           │     └─Anne Martin

     ┌─Jean Cote

     │     │     ┌─Raymond Page Percy

     │     └─Suzanne Page Quercy

     │           └─Madeleine Bergeron

Marie Therese Cote

     │           ┌─Noël Langlois ⇒

     │     ┌─Noel Langlois Traversy

     │     │     └─Françoise Grenier Garnier

     └─Marie Anne Langlois Traversy

           │     ┌─Robert Caron

           └─Aimee Caron

                 └─Marie Crevet ⇒

Descendants of Marie Therese Cote

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