Edward Allison Smith

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Ancestors of Edward Allison Smith

                 ┌─Ephraim Smith ⇒

           ┌─Nathan Smith

           │     └─Isabel Bartlett ⇒

     ┌─William Howe Smith

     │     │     ┌─Silas Betts ⇒

     │     └─Elizabeth Betts

     │           └─Elizabeth Lockwood ⇒

Edward Allison Smith

     │           ┌─Justus Miles ⇒

     │     ┌─Elijah Miles

     │     │     └─Hannah Olmstead ⇒

     └─Sarah "Sally" Miles

           │     ┌─James Cornell ⇒

           └─Frances Cornell

                 └─Margaret Hicks ⇒

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