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Notes for John Rivir and Mary Winebrenner

1780 John Rivir was born on 12 May in Pennsylvania. [1] [Photocopy, Bible of grand son Christian S Rivir with John Rivir's birthdate record (bottom of the page in gray script).] In the 1880 census, John Rivir's birthplace was reported as Maryland, in the listing for son John Jr, and was reported as Pennsylvania, in the listing for son Christian. Both listed their mother's (Mary) birthplace as Pennsylvania.

1807 In November, John Rivir [Ribor] was taxed as a Single Freeman in Woodberry Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He was a miller by occupation. He was not found in the previous two years (1806, 1804). [Photocopy, 1807 tax record abstract of freeman John Ribor [sic] miller of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.]

1811 John Rivir [Rivor] was taxed in Woodberry Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania with 10 cent tax paid on 1 horse and 1 cattle valued at $20. He was not listed as a single freeman. [Photocopy] 1811 tax record abstract for John Rivor [married] of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

1813 John Rivir served in the War of 1812 under Colonel Rees Hill, 147th Pennsylvania Militia Regiment. Several historical accounts relate to the regiment that John Rivir was in and to its role in the decisive battle on Lake Erie.

1813 On 18 October, John Rivir died, while in service in the War of 1812, as reported in the family bible of grandson Christian S Rivir and the roster of the Pennsylvania militia:

Grandfather Rivir was Born in the State of Pennsylvania, May the 12th 1780 his given name being John and was buried on Bass Island in the state of Ohio having died in the War of 1812. [6] [Photocopy, Bible of grand son Christian S Rivir with report of John Rivir's death (bottom of the page in gray script).]

"River, John, died on the 18th Oct[ober]", from a list of volunteers in the war of 1812 for the Pay-roll of Capt. Isaac Linn's company, belonging to a regiment of Pennsylvania militia commanded by Col. Reis (or Rees) Hill, commencing 18th May, 1813, and ending the 5th November. John River, in the Company of Hill's Regiment Pennsylvania Militia was a private, and was discharged as a private. [7][8]

1820 Mary River (age 26-44) lived in WoodburyTwp, Bedford County with 1 male age 1 to 10 (Christian?) and 3 females under age 10 (who were these sisters?) and one female age 26 to 45 (herself) [9][10]. Peter Winebrenner lived next door and Christian Winebrenner was listed nearby. Living in Woodbury Twp were John Stoner (S1312), Abraham (131), Abraham (S1313), Jacob (S1314), and Emanuel Bossler married to Barbara (S1314), with reference numbers from the Wenger article about Stoners in 1988 Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage. Where was son John Rivir, age 11?

1821 On 7 February, Widow Mary Rivir, one of seven heirs of land left by Mary's grandfather, John Adams, to the descendants of her mother, Mary Adams Winebrenner, drew lot 4 of 7 of the divided land. She sold the lot to Conrad Martin. [11]

1821 On 10 March, "... I, Edward Cowan, guardian of David Winebrenner, a minor, one of the heirs of Mary Winebrenner, wife of Christian Winebrenner, who was one of the heirs of John Adam deceased and Mary Ryver another of the heirs of Mary Winebrenner, who was the wife of John Ryver and grand-daughter of the said John Adam, for and in consideration of the sum of thirteen hundred fifty one dollars and ninety three cents ... duly paid ... by Henry Breidenthal ... do hereby release ... all our right title ... to our two seventh parts of a certain tract of land called Woodstock ..." [12]

1822 There is no listing for Rivir on the 1822 tax list for Woodberry Twp, Bedford County. [13]

1829 The will of Christian Winebrenner, father of Mary, named his four oldest sons and mentioned three oldest daughters, but did not name the daughters. [14] The seven oldest children [by wife Mary Adam] inherited land from their grandfather, John Adam, which was partitioned, as recorded by several deeds [15][16][17]. "In 1874, Rev. Peter Winebrenner went from Indiana to Bedford Pennsylvania to be present at the settlement of the estate, and his notes gave the names of the three daughters as Mary Hay, Catherine Mohn, and Ester Allenbaugh." [18]

Research Notes:

1830 We have not found a listing for Rivir in the census for Bedford County, but the neighbors of Mary Rivir from 1820 were found in the Woodbury Twp census as follows: Joseph Daugherty (page 41), Christian Winebrenner (page 23), Henry Kayfer, George Albright, and Abraham Bulger (page 39), William Stull (page 29), Edward Cowan (page 17), Jacob Pote (page 19), Peter Marker (p 41), Adam Walter (p 23), Andrew Baker (p 19), Henry Grubb (p 7), and Abraham Ebersoll (p 27). [US census, 1830]

1830 We suspect that widow Mary Winebrenner Rivir had remarried to Hay by this time. Jacob Hay (age 40-49) and female (age 30-39) lived in Woodbury Twp, Bedford County in a household with 4 males and 2 females under age 10, listed adjacent to Daniel Cowen. [19]

1840 Jacob Hay lived in North Woodbury Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania in a household with males: 1 (under 5), 1 (5 thru 9), 1 (10 thru 14), 1 (15 thru 19), and 1 (50 thru 59); and females: 2 (under 5), 1 (5 thru 9), 1 (10 thru 14), 2 (15 thru 19), and 1 (50 thru 59). [20] John Winebrenner (age 30-40)[perhaps Mary's half-brother] was listed on the same page of the census. Mary's son, John Rivir, lived near a George Albright [see 1830 census] and father-in-law Christian Stoner (age 50-60) in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.


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