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Notes for John Rivir and Mary Winebrenner

1780 John Rivir was born on 12 May in Pennsylvania. [1] Photocopy John Rivir's birthdate record in bible of grand son Christian S Rivir (bottom of the page in gray script). Note that the 1880 census lists John Rivir's birthplace as Maryland in the listing for son John Jr and as Pennsylvania in the listing for son Christian. Both list their mother's (Mary) birthplace as Pennsylvania.

1807 In November, John Rivir [Ribor] was taxed as a Single Freeman in Woodberry Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He was a miller by occupation. He was not found in the previous two years (1806, 1804). Photocopy 1807 tax record abstract of freeman John Ribor (sic) miller of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

1810 John Rivir is not listed on the available pages of the Woodberry Twp, Bedford County census. However, a few names at the top and bottom of each page are obscured and one page is missing with families numbered 135-216. The Woodberry listing is on census reels 45 and 46, which are both availabe at the Internet Archives. Ancestry.com has the listing from reel 46, and only part of reel 45. Ancestry.com does not have families 54-79, from reel 45. although internet archives has that series.

1810 John Riv?? lived in Donegal Twp, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. [2][3]

1811 John Rivir [Rivor] was taxed in Woodberry Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania with 10 cent tax paid on 1 horse and 1 cattle valued at $20. He was not listed as a single freeman. Photocopy 1811 tax record abstract for John Rivor [married] of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

1813 John Rivir served in the War of 1812 under Colonel Rees Hill, 147th Pennsylvania Militia Regiment. "The 147th Pennsylvania Militia Regiment was organized under Colonel Rees Hill for a six-month tour of duty with the Army of the Northwest. This was a provisional regiment made up of militiamen mainly from western Pennsylvania. The regiment served between May and November 1813 initially helping to guard the naval facility at Erie, Pennsylvania. There were ten infantry companies and one artillery company attached to this regiment. Thirty-five militiamen from this regiment were on detached duty with the Lake Erie naval squadron of which 15 men participated in the Battle of Lake Erie. Private John Sylhamer, serving aboard the schooner Scorpion, was the only fatality among the Pennsylvania militia during this battle. After the battle the regiment was ordered to march to Catawba Island to join the rest of the army. Upon arriving at Cleveland, Ohio, the regiment was ordered to help bring the approximately 100 boats that were built at Cleveland for the invasion of Upper Canada to the mouth of the Portage River where the invasion was launched. The regiment refused to participate in the invasion of Upper Canada citing their rights under the federal militia act of 1792 of only serving within the borders of the United States. One officer and eleven men, however, did volunteer and they joined the invasion force. After the Battle of the Thames River, the 147th regiment marched to Detroit where they served as part of the occupation force until they were discharged in November 1814. Captain Isaac Linn’s Company:18 May 1813 - 5 Nov 1813" [4]

1813 John Rivir died. The family bible of grandson Christian S Rivir says that "Grandfather Rivir was Born in the State of Pennsylvania, May the 12th 1780 his given name being John and was buried on Bass Island in the state of Ohio having died in the War of 1812". This refers to Bass Island, where Commander Perry won a battle against the British navy on 10 Sep, 1813. A list of volunteers in the war of 1812 for the Pay-roll of Capt. Isaac Linn's company, belonging to a regiment of Pennsylvania militia commanded by Col. Reis (or Rees) Hill, commencing 18th May, 1813, and ending the 5th November, lists "River, John, died on the 18th Oct[ober]". John River, in the Company of Hill's Regiment Pennsylvania Militia was a private, and was discharged as a private. [5][6]

1813 In March, Commander Perry arrived at Presque Isle, on the southern shore of Lake Erie, where several gunboats were being built. "Perry contacted Gen. David Mead of the Pennsylvania militia and Pennsylvania governor Simon Snyder, who ordered 1,000 men under Gen. Rees Hill to provide protection. A contingent of 14 US marines under Lt. John Brooks arrived, as did seamen sent by Chauncey. Perry sailed from Lake Erie in August 1813 to a new base at the Middle Sister Island before his battle of 10 September." [7]

1813 On 4 August, Major General William Henry Harrison wrote to Master Commandant Oliver H Perry to report that the seige of Fort Meigs was abandoned by the British. The letter describes the capture of several enemy prisoners who provided intelligence about British ships. The letter concludes with the statements: "Make what use you may think proper of Colo. Hill's Regt. I should suppose that some of the marksmen might be selected from it who could render you great Service in an action with the enemy - With Great Respect and consideration. I am yr. humble servant. Willm. Henry Harrison. on our side but one man killed and a few slightly wounded" Colonel Rees Hill was a Pennsylvania militia officer from Greene County, Pennsylvania. Hill was directed in late July to put his regiment at Perry's disposal and to sail on board Perry's fleet if they could be of use. [8]

An account of the American victory reports that: "It would be useless to make any remarks upon this victory... in almost every point of view, the enemy had the advantage... The American fleet was built, equipped and manned in about three months, and consequently the crews of the vessels hastily collected... When the fleet was first got over the bar at Erie, there was not more than half sailors enough to man it, and it could not have sailed, had not a number of Pennsylvania militia volunteered their services... the marines were still less qualified for their situation,...,most of them never having seen a square-rigged vessel. Nearly all of them were volunteers from the Pennsylvania militia, on service at Erie, commanded by Colonel Rees Hill,..., of which about seventy entered on board at Sandusky." [9]

1820 Mary Rivir [River] lived in WoodburyTwp, Bedford County with 1 male age 1 to 10 (Christian?) and 3 females under age 10 (who were these sisters?) and one female age 26 to 45 (herself) [10][11]. Peter Winebrenner lived next door and Christian Winebrenner was listed nearby. Living in Woodbury Twp were John Stoner (S1312), Abraham (131), Abraham (S1313), Jacob (S1314), and Emanuel Bossler married to Barbara (S1314), with reference numbers from the Wenger article about Stoners in 1988 Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage. Where was son John Rivir, age 11?

1821 On 7 February, Widow Mary Rivir, one of seven heirs of land left by Mary's grandfather, John Adams, to the descendants of her mother, Mary Adams Winebrenner, drew lot 4 of 7 of the divided land. She sold the lot to Conrad Martin. [12]

1821 On 10 March, "... I, Edward Cowan, guardian of David Winebrenner, a minor, one of the heirs of Mary Winebrenner, wife of Christian Winebrenner, who was one of the heirs of John Adam deceased and Mary Ryver another of the heirs of Mary Winebrenner, who was the wife of John Ryver and grand-daughter of the said John Adam, for and in consideration of the sum of thirteen hundred fifty one dollars and ninety three cents ... duly paid ... by Henry Breidenthal ... do hereby release ... all our right title ... to our two seventh parts of a certain tract of land called Woodstock ..." [13]

1822 There is no listing for Rivir on the 1822 tax list for Woodberry Twp, Bedford County. [14]

1829 The will of Christian Winebrenner, father of Mary, named his four oldest sons and mentioned three oldest daughters, but did not name the daughters. [15] The seven oldest children [by wife Mary Adam] inherited land from their grandfather, John Adam, which was partitioned, as recorded by several deeds [16][17][18]. "In 1874, Rev. Peter Winebrenner went from Indiana to Bedford Pennsylvania to be present at the settlement of the estate, and his notes gave the names of the three daughters as Mary Hay, Catherine Mohn, and Ester Allenbaugh." [19]

1830 We suspect that widow Mary Winebrenner Rivir had remarried to Hay by this time. Jacob Hay (age 40-49) and female (age 30-39) lived in Woodbury Twp, Bedford County in a household with 4 males and 2 females under age 10, listed adjacent to Daniel Cowen. [20] No Rivir was listed in the census for Bedford county, but the neighbors of Mary Rivir from 1820 were found in the Woodbury Twp census as follows: Joseph Daugherty (page 41), Christian Winebrenner (page 23), Henry Kayfer, George Albright, and Abraham Bulger (page 39), William Stull (page 29), Edward Cowan (page 17), Jacob Pote (page 19), Peter Marker (p 41), Adam Walter (p 23), Andrew Baker (p 19), Henry Grubb (p 7), and Abraham Ebersoll (p 27). [21]

1840 Jacob Hay (age 50-59) lived in Woodbury Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania with a female (age 50-59) and 10 children, listed on the same page with John Winebrenner (age 30-40)[perhaps Mary's half-brother]. Mary's son, John Rivir, lived near a George Albright [see 1830 census] and father-in-law Christian Stoner (age 50-60) in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [22]

1842 Jacob Cowen witnessed a will with Christian Rivir, son of John Rivir. Mary Cowen married Jacob Stoner, the brother of Nancy Stoner who married son John Rivir, Jr.

1850 Jacob Hay (age 60) and Mrs Hay (age 60) lived at Baugo, Elkhart County, Indiana. [23]

Research Notes:

We suspect that John Rivir was a son of John Raeber, who wrote his will in Codorus Twp, York County on 29 April, 1800 [see the Research Notes in the personal notes of this John Rivir].

Mary Winebrenner in census records: 1790 Father Christian lived with more than one female, perhaps including daughter Mary. 1800: Father Christian lived with 2 daughters age 0-10, perhaps one was Mary. 1810 Mary does not fit in any census record. 1820 Mary Rivir was age 26-44.

Other Rivir records in Bedford and Somerset Counties:

1793 On 9 August, John Stoner, great-uncle of daughter-in-law Nancy Stoner-Rivir, warranted two tracts of 50 and 150 acres in Londonderry Twp, Bedford County [later Somerset County] and tracts of 50 and 159 acres were returned on 30 Oct 1869 and patented by Solomon Reiber [perhaps a descendant of Jacob Reiver in the 1800 census below]. [24][25][26][27]

1800 Frederick Rever, relationship unknown, was listed on the Pennsylvania septennial census for Providence Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [28]

1800 Jacob Reiver (age 26-44) was listed on the US census in Brothers Valley, Somerset County, Pennsylvania with son age 0-10. [29]

1810 Jacob Riber (age 45+) was listed on the US census in Southampton Twp, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. [30]

1820 Jacob River (age 45+) and Peter Reiber (age 26-44) were listed on the US census in Southampton Twp, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. [31]

1830 Jacob River Sr (age 60-70), Jacob River Jr (age 20-30), and Peter Reiber (age 60-70 and 30-40) were listed on the US census in Southampton Twp, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. [32]

1840 Jacob River (age 70-80), Jacob River Jr (age 30-40), and Peter Reiber (age 40-50) and John River (age 20-30) were listed on the US census in Southampton Twp, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. [33]

1850 Catharine Riber (widow, age 42) lived with sons Solomon (age 19) and George (age 16). Peter Riber (age 58) lived with Catharine (age 43) and son George (age 14). Jacob River (age 84 lived with Mary (age 84). All listed on the US census in Southampton Twp, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. [34]


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