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Notes for Joseph Chronister and Anna M Brenizer

We are researching Ira Wolfe. Joseph Chronister was Ira Wolfe's step-father. The identity of Ira's biological father is unknown. Joesph Chronister is shown here as Ira's father so that the stories of Ira's half brothers and sisters will be shown with Ira's family. Joseph Chronister's parents were Jonas Chronister and Margaret Sowers, whose ancestry is noted below, in the Research Notes.

1835 Joseph Chronister was born to Jonas and Mary Chronister. [1]

1850 Joanna (age 16) and her mother Mary Brenizer (age 44) lived with brothers Lafayette and Washington in South Middleton, Cumberland PA. Next door were Jacob Weise (age 80) and William Weise (age 37), perhaps Joanna's uncle and grandfather. [2]

185? A map of Adams County, Pennsylvania showed the home of J. Chronister about 200 rods west of Hampton. The date of the map is not known precisely. This could be either the home of Joseph Chronister, or his father Jonas. It was at the same location as the home of Joseph Chronister on an 1872 map.

1859 Joseph and Anna Chronister built the Joseph Chronister Household on Gooseville Road, near Hampton where Ira lived.

Ira Wolfe grew up in the house of Joseph and Joanna Brenizer Chronister just outside of Hampton, Pennsylvania. Map,  Reading Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania, where Ira Wolfe grew up, 1872. 

Hampton, Pennsylvania, where Ira Wolfe lived with step-father Joseph Chronister in 1859 (Robert Wolfe, 2005).

Street sign to Joseph Chronister's house, where Ira Wolfe was raised, in Hampton, Pennsylvania.

House outside Hampton, Pennsylvania where Ira Wolfe was raised. 1860 Joseph Chronister, carpenter (age 24) and Ann (age 25) lived in Reading Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania with children Ira (age 6), Laura (age 3), and Willace (age 9/12). [3] 1862 Joseph Chronister of Reading Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania, was drafted into the Union Army in October 1862. [4] Joseph fought as a Private in the Civil War in the Union 165th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Company C, whose motto was: An Undivided Country. The company was mustered at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, October 16th, 1862, by Isaac D. Sailor. Joseph enlisted 14 Nov 1862. Engagements: January 30, 1863 - Deserted House, near Suffolk; April 13th and 14th, 1863 - Skirmishes on Jamestown Road, near Suffolk; April 24, 1863 - White House, near Suffolk; May 14, 1863 - Beaver Dam, near Franklin; May 16, 1863 - Carsville; Privates: ... Washington M Brenizer .... Joseph Chronister. [5] At discharge, he was a 1st lieutenant [6][7]. 1863 Joseph Chronister returned from the Civil War in May. Company C of the 165th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers was mustered out in Gettysburg on 28 July. 1867 Jos. Chronister was elected justice in Reading Twp, Adams County. [8] 1870 Joseph Chronister, carpenter (age 35), and Anna lived in Reading, Adams County, Pennsylvania with estate valued at $1000+ $200 and with children Anna (age 37), Laura (age 12), Willis (age 10), Clara (age 6), Lafayette (age 4), and Austin (age 1). Living nearby were Joseph's father Jonas and brother Levi Chronister. Ira was not listed in the household. [9] 1878 May 30 Sentinel Newspaper listed a Sheriff Sale for Joseph Chronister's home in Reading Twp. Mary Picking, a family friend, bought it for $300 as reported on 20 June. 1880 Joseph Chronister (age 46, carpenter) and Annie (age 47) lived in Cheever Twp, Dickinson County, Kansas with children Laura V. Luke (daughter, age 21), Willis (age 19, Carpenter), Clara (age 16), Austin (age 12), John (age 9), Newton (age 7), and Ira Wolfe (StepSon, age 27, Laborer, father and mother born in PA). [10][11] They lived near Al Brenizer (age 22), Joanna's cousin, Algernon. Photocopy, 1880 census for Dickinson County, Kansas. c1880 Story, When did Ira's name change to Wolfe? 1882 Joseph S. Chronister, carpenter, was listed in Leadville, Colorado r[esidence] 425 Harrison avenue. [12] 1885 Joseph Chronister (age 49) carpenter and AM (age 51) a tailor, lived in Cheever Twp, Dickinson County, Kansas. Living with them were IG Wolf (age 31) farmer, C Wolf (age 22) from Ohio, Austin Chronister (age 16) carpenter, John Chronister (age 13), Milton Chronister (age 11), and CM Luke (age 12) from Colorado. All were born in Pennsylvania and all except C Wolf and Luke were from Pensylvania before moving to Kansas. [13]Photocopy, Kansas census. 1886 Wednesday 21 April: "A petition to establish a postoffice at Evergreen, (Saratoga) recommending Mrs. Anna Chronister as postmistress, was recently forwarded to the P.O. Department at Washington, and another to establish a postoffice at Mylard, near the east line of the county, recommending Mr. Mylar as postmaster. We hope to soon be able to announce that the petitions were granted." [14] Note that Anna's son, Ira Wolfe, was described as being at the post office at Saratoga Springs in 1886 when a Mr. Quance enlisted Ira as a land locater. Photocopy, Anna Chronister was a postmistress in Kansas, 1886. 1890 Anna Brenizer Chronister died on 10 Novemeber 1890. She was was buried at the Scott County Cemetery in Kansas. [15] Her marker reads Anna M. Chronister, Mar. 24, 1834. Nov. 10, 1890. Photocopy, Anna Chronister's grave. 1890 Anna Brenizer Chronister's obituary appeared in Scott in the Sentinel Herald on Thursday, 13 November 1890. [16]: "Died: Monday, November 10th, 1890, Mrs. Jos. Chronister, at her home, five miles south of town. She died after a short illness of heart trouble, Mr. Chronister being absent at work in Pueblo at the time of her death. The family are among the very first settlers in Scott county, having located at their present home in March, 1885; moved here from Dickinson county, Kansas. Mrs. Chronister was a highly respected Christian woman, a kind and cheerful neighbor, ever ready and willing to give comfort and assistance in case of sickness or distress. The Sentinel-Herald extends sympathy to the bereaved husband and children, who remain to mourn the death of a faithful wife and loving mother. The funeral took place from the residence yesterday afternoon, and the remains were interred at the Scott City cemetery." Photocopy, Annie Chronister's obituary, published in Scott County, Kansas, 1890. 1890 Dickinson and Abilene newspaper reported Anna's death: "Mrs. Joseph Chronister, formerly of Dickinson County, Kansas died in Scott County, Kansas." [17] "We are sorry to chronicle the death of an old Dickinson county resident, Mrs. Joseph Chronister, which occurred last Monday at her home in Scott County. Her many friends here will be grieved to hear of her sudden demise ... One daughter, Mrs Dave Keller, of Cheever, and one brother, J.L. Brenizer, of this city, are residents of this county." [18] 1892 Joseph Chronister applied for a Civil War invalid pension, due to various injuries including deafness, poor eyesight, kidney-urinary problems, rheumatism, and a hurt hand. He had repeated physical examinations at various locations in Kansas and Colorado. He was 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 165 pounds and wore reading glasses. 1892 Joseph Chronister, Austin L Chronister, and Willis W. Chronister, carpenters, lived at 23 Union blk., Leadville. [19] 1892 Joseph Chronister's residence was listed as Leadville, Lake County, Colorado on 27 June. W.W. (son Willis) Chronister was a witness. The application for pension was rejected. 1894 Joseph Chronister, Austin L Chronister, and Willis W. Chronister, carpenters, lived at 125 W 5th, Leadville. [20] 1895 Joseph Chronister, Austin L Chronister, and Willis W. Chronister, carpenters, lived at 137 Plum, Leadville. [21] 1896 Joseph Chronister's residence was listed as Scott City, Scott County, Kansas on 30 October. 1897 Joseph's residence was listed as Abilene, Dickinson County, Kansas on 19 June. J.S. Chronister and G Livingston [perhaps son and son-in-law of Jacob and Harriet Chronister, and brothers-in-law of David Wesley Howard] were witnesses. 1898 On 6 January, Joseph gave testimony, related to his pension, about his marriage, wife's death, and living children (Ira Wolfe was not named). 1898 "Joseph Chronister, who has been working at the carpenter trade at Abilene [Kansas] the the [sic] past two years, returned to Scott City last Saturday, to look after his land interests in Valley township, Scott County, Kansas" [22] 1898 On July 11, sheriff Jason Caldwell of Scott County, Kansas wrote to Washington to say that Joseph "has lost his home in this Co and has nothing left but his day work and as to that Ive had him to work for me at his trade of carpenter for two months past and if it wasn't for compensation for his condition I wouldn't give him his Board now he has no visable means of support and if he was sick would be a county charge...he has been away in Colorado at work at his trade and has completely wore himself out and can't get work there on account of his age and infirmities..." Claim rejected (although he might be receiving $8/month). 1900 Joseph Chronister, born April 1835 in PA (age 65) lived in Scott Twp, Scott County, Kansas. He was a widowed boarder living with George L. Peck [23]. Son Joseph Newton Chronister, who was a boarder with John S. Gish, lived in the same town [24]. 1901 On July 29, Joseph Chronister lived in Scott County and received a pension of $8/mo. 1903 May 6 to 1905 June 1, Joseph Chronister lived in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas and received a pension of $10/mo. 1905 On Nov 1, Joseph Chronister lived in Scott City, Scott County, Kansas and received a pension of $12/mo. 1905 Joseph Chronister, carpenter (age 68) born in Pennsylvania, lived in the household of WL (born Michigan) and AL (born in Iowa, age 40) Stoitts in Abilene. [25] 1907 On 15 April, Joseph lived in Scott City and his pension was raised to $15/mo on the basis of being over age 70. His birth was reported as 4 April 1837 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. [This birthdate disagrees with ages reported on census records and pension applications] 1908 Joseph Chronister died on 3 Aug, as reported in his Civil War pension records. He was reported buried at Mount Muncie Cemetery, Lansing, Leavenworth County, Kansas. A memorial stone in Pennsylvania with inscription "Father" reports death date 25 July, 1908 [26] Research Notes: Our research is focused on Ira Wolfe, so we show Joseph Chronister as the step-father to Ira Wolfe. Some information about the ancestry of Joseph Chronister is shown at our genealogy page for his father, Jonas Chronister. The Chronister line has been followed in some detail by other researchers [27][28]. Photocopy, Jonas Chronister genealogy notes from Gary Chronister listed Ira as son of Joseph Chronister. Gary Chronister reports that Joseph Chronister lived in Reading Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania. and Dickinson County, Kansas and names wife Anna and 8 children including Ira [Herschel L.B. & Emery R. not included]. Joseph was a veteran of the Civil War, Pennsylvania Infantry (Union).


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