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Notes for Charles Pickett and Frances Griffin

1810 Charles Pickett (age 16-25) lived in Fairfield South Carolina with female age 1 slave. [1]

1814 On 4 October, James Pickett Jr, Charles Pickett, and Robert Cockran witnessed the will of Thomas Stark in Rutherford County, North Carolina. [2]

1820 Charles Pickett (age 26-45) in Fairfield South Carolina with females 1 under age 10, and 2 age 16-26 and 12 slaves. Edward Mobley was listed nearby. [3]

1821 Charles Pickett and Frances (grand-daughter of William Reynolds of Lincoln County, Georgia) were listed in Vol E, page 45-46 of the SC equity records, Vol 4.

1823 Charles Pickett, perhaps a different person, offered His Plantation "Wheatland" for Sale: Chesterfield County, Virginia'; The Richmond Enquirer; Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia; March 7, 1823. [expired website: "theoldentimes.com/fallsplant.html"]

1824 Charles Pickett and Frances Griffin were listed in Vol E, page 266-7 of the SC equity records, Vol 4. Fairfield District

1826 On 4 March, Charles Pickett of Fairfield District, sold to Nimrod Underwood of Greenville District, a Negro fellow Captain, about 20 years old, sale void if Pickett pays Nimrod $500 by January 1, 1827. [4]

1830 Charles Pickett (age 30-40) lived in Fairfield South Carolina in a household with Males two age 5-10, one age 30-40 and Females one age 10-15 and one age 30-40. On the same page was widow Rachel Griffin. [5]

1840 Charles Pickett lived in District 882, Sumter County, Georgia in a household with Males: two age 15-20, one age 50-60 and Females one age 40-50. [6]

1845 Frances Griffin Pickett was named in the will of her mother Rachel Griffin of Fairfiled District, fairfield Co: "I have already given to my daughter Frances Pickett wife of Charles Pickett, all the property that I intend for her, but it is my will and desire that she have the said property, given as aforesaid.". Names Indexed: Barkley, Samuel G.; Cathcart, Richard; Charles (Slave); Davis, John; Davis, Margaret; Davis, Martha; Davis, Rachel; Dinah (Slave); Elder, James; Griffin, Elizabeth; Griffin, James; Griffin, John A.; Griffin, Lerory; Griffin, Rachel; Griffin, Thomas; Hammond, John Z.; Hollis, David; Hollis, Lavinia; Jim (Slave); Johnson, Mary; Johnson, Sarah; Johnson, Steven R.; Leah (Slave); Mary (Slave); Menidy, Thomas; Moses (Slave); Pickett, Charles; Pickett, Frances; Robertson, William; Stephen (Slave). [7]

1848 Daughter Rachel moved to Apalachicola, Florida about this time.

1850 Charles Pickett (age 59, born South Carolina) lived in District 30, Sumter County, Georgia with Frances (age 52) and male E Griffin Pickett (age 22). A Charles Pickett was listed for District 29, Sumter, Georgia with 1 female slave (age 40), and 1 male slave (age 5). [8]

1850 Charles wrote the following letter to daughter Rachel and son-in-law Micajah Pickett (Rachel married her cousin) [9]:

Dear Micajah and Rachel and Grands,
Yours of 7th April was duly received yet which I thank you. I would have written sooner but for two or three courses (sic causes?), one was bad health and palsied for several weeks, also I expected to receive the other letter from Rachel, and all the children which I am anxious to receive and hope will arrive soon. My children continue to do the best you can...try and do rite in all things at all times and in all circumstances whatever let duty and honor be your guide through life and to that eternal day...We again say to you Micajah that our crops and some place near us is for your family if you choose...it is a good place to finish the education of the Grands and once more invite you to it. A good society is necessary for children, such as food and clothing, their minds need nourishing in a proper manner. I wish you to think well on this all important subject.

Our neighbors desire to be remembered to you and Rachel and the Grands and say come and finish the raising of the Grands in Sumter County...we think paddleing a boat in the water is dangerous and not fit enjoyment to raise children for useful citizens.

An old man and Free Mason, I am trying to have my work ready for inspection, when the Great Master of Ceremonys will call us all to give account for the deeds done on earth. I wish you and Grands as soon as they are old enough to be Free Masons..Good and true work..on 12 April I was sixty one years old, I was born 12 April 1791.

I think you live in a sickly country..if so try and live moderate and use dry meats and vegetables seasoned with red pepper..eat ginger and sage by the races every day. Use poplar bark instead of tobacco when sick use Thomasonsian Remedy.

Bed Bug Medicine
Use the whites of two eggs, beat well, mix with one ounce quick silver, put on the tennants and in mortices and other holes of each bedstead..no bug can live for two years or more..Try it!

To Wash Clothes
Use one pint of soft soap..and two tablespoonfuls spirits turpentine, mix well put half of this mixture in tub warm water and put the clothes in half water to cover them let soak half hour or more, then rinse them out and put them into a pot of water adding the other half of the soap, it saves rubbing, the clothes wil be less injured..if the soap is hard make it soft by melting on the fire and stir in turpentine...it saves soap, it saves work and it saves the clothes. Try it.

When we do wrong, we grieve our friends and gratify our enemys and are a block head for those who care nothing about us....

Affectionately yours,
Charles Pickett Sr.

1858 On 2 May, Charles Pickett wrote a letter [10]:

Angelica Creek
Sumter Co., Georgia
May 2d 1858

Dear Micajah C. Pickett & family of Apeletchacola, Fla

My wife and myself is yet alive but very feeble. We think most worn out. if I live I will try and go to Colquet Co. late Thomas in this year. And if possible at near a fair price sell the land and give you the money. A few weeks ago I was ofered $500 for it by a lawyer John A. B. Williams who said he had not seen it but was a land buyer. Old Mr (?) Calloway told Eli that the land is worth ten or twelve dollars per acre - $5000 or upwards. I will try and sell it and do the best I can it is for your use. It is ... from the number of failures and the large amt of lands for sale here to get money for our Sumter lands at present. Do Micajah try and educat my grands, particularly grand daughter. I wish you and Rachel and every grand to write to me soon & often. We want to see you all every day.
Very affectionately yours
Charles Pickett
# among the late deaths, old Mr. Ramsey, old Mr. Brady, and our old kinswoman Martha vanliver (or Dorman)

1860 Charles Pickett (age 70, born South Carolina ) and Frances Pickett (age 64, born in South Carolina) lived in District 27, Sumter County, Georgia with EG Pickett (age 30). Charles Pickett is listed for District 27, Sumter, Georgia with 1 female slave age 46, and 1 male slave age 15. [11]

1870 Frances Pickett (age 72, born South Carolina ) lived in Sumter County, Georgia with Eli G Pickett (age 48) both born in South Carolina. [12]

Research Notes:

See [13]


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