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Notes for William Billing and Elizabeth Delahoy

1809 On 25 August, Elizabeth Delahoy was born to parents James Olivant and Elizabeth Delahoy at No 6 Deptford Bridge, St Alphege Greenwich, Kent. [1]

This is to certify, that Elizabeth Delahoy, daughter of James Olivant Delahoy and Elizabeth his wife who was daughter of John & Elizabeth Omer, was born in No. 6 Deptford Bridge, in the Parish of St. Alphege, Greenwich, in the County of Kent the twenty-fifth day of August, in the year One thousand eight hundred and nine at whose birth we were present. J.L. Shirreff, surgeon, Sophia Delahoy. [Birth registration No. 2890, Dr. William's Library, Red Cross Street near Cripplegate, London, June 5th, 1810]

Edith Marian Miles Todd wrote, [2]

William Billing was a widower with seven children: Charles 1818, Emma Francis 1820, Nathaniel 1820, Sophia 1822, William 1823, Samuel 1825, James 1826. Also had William born 1817 and died 6 days old. His first wife was his cousin Mary Billing, daughter of Richard. They lived in Brightwell, Oxford when first married as children up to 1822 recorded there. Lived on what was called "The farm" in Brightwell according to Mr. Hilgrom Cox, recorder at Brightwell, and at Bledlow lived in a lovely old house called the Manor House which belonged to the Lord of --. Eliza Delahoy went to Bledlow as a young lady, governess to his children about 1829.

A transcription of the parish records of Bledlow, Buckinghamshire, lists the children of William and Mary Billing born in Bledlow and the burial of Mary Billing: [3]

1823 Born 18 Oct bapt 19 Nov William son of William & Mary Billing Bledlow Farmer
1825 Born 26 Jan bapt 2 Mar Samuel son of William & Mary Billing Bledlow Farmer
1826 Born 8 Aug bapt 18 Sep James son of William & Mary Billing Bledlow Farmer
1829 Burial Mary Billing Bledlow 5 Nov age 38

1831 Eliza Delahoy and William Billing were married on July 13 at Saint Alphege, Greenwich, Kent, England. "Marriages solemnized in the Parish of Greenwich in the County of Kent in the year 1831. William Billing Esquire of the Parish of Bledlow in the County of Buckingham Widower and Eliza Delahoy of this Parish Spinster were married in this church by Licence this thirteenth day of July in the Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty one By me J. S. Masters Curate. This marriage was solemnized between us: William BIlling Eliza Delahoy In the presence of John Omer, Elizabeth Moore, Sophia Delahoy, Charlotte Delahoy. No. 580." [4][5] "In reply to your letter of the 20th ultimo:, I have made enquiry and find that a marriage was solemized at the Parish Church of St Alfege, Greenwich on the 13th of July 1831, between William Billing, of Bledlow, Bucks, Widower, and Eliza Delahoy, of the Parish of Greenwich, Spinster. The marriage ceremony was performed by J.S. Masters, Curate. The names of the witnesses who signed the Register were John Omer, Elizabeth Moore, Sophia Delahoy, and Charlotte Delahoy." [6]

1833 Frederick Billing was born on January 11 and baptized on January 31 in Bledlow, Buckinghamshire, England. [7]

1834 On September 11, the London Times announced, [8]

Take Notice, that William Billing, of Bledlow, in the county of Bucks, farmer, hath by indenture, dated the 14th day of August last past, assigned all his personal estate and Effects to Richard Billing, of Reading, in the county of Berks, builder, and William Fryday, of Bledlow, aforesaid, grocer, upon trust, for the Benefit of all the Creditors of the said William Billing; and that the said indenture was executed by the said William Billing on the 14th day of the said month of August in the presence of, and is attested by, Jacob Vines, of Reading aforesaid, solicitor; and by the said William Fryday on the 28th day of the same month of August, in the presence of, and is attested by, John Nash, of High Wycombe, in the said county of Bucks, solicitor; and the said indenture of assignment is now lying at the office of Mr. Vernon, auctioneer, High Wycombe aforesaid, for the signatures of the creditors of the said William Billing.

Edith Marian Miles Todd wrote, [9]

William Billing was injured in a fall from his horse and ordered on a sea voyage by his physician and died at sea. His sons James and Samuel were with him and were evidently taken by passengers on ship. William's son Charles was in Canada wither they were bound. The family of Nathaniel Billing (son of William) in Melbourne, Australia, have a bible (Ed 1682 my F. entry in different hand writing) with entries showing death dates of brothers and sisters. Some of the children were taken by Richard Billing (brother of Mary) of Reading.

Ella Cushman Davis, referring to a trip taken in the 1870s, wrote to Edith Miles in 1908, [10]

When your grandmother and I visited Bledlow we went to "The Hall" where she lived as "The Squire's Lady," and I saw the room where your father was born, the church where he was christened, and we came across some of your grandmother's old servants, who still addressed her as 'My Lady.' The squire was much older and he used to ride on horseback over all his domains... but one day he was thrown over the saddle, hurt himself in some way, was sent on a sailing vessel to recruit [recoup?], died and was buried at sea, and some months later your father was born, and later your grandmother sold out her possessions in Bledlow, and went back to her people in London. That's the story as I remember hearing it.

1839 Frederick William Miles and Eliza Billing were married in Salters Hall Chapel in the City of London Union on July 4. He was listed a widower, Baptist minister, and son of Elijah Miles. She was a widow and daughter of James Delahoy. They were both living at 2 Queen Street Place Southwark Bridge at the time of the marriage. Witnesses were Mark Moore, Charlotte Delahoy, and Lydia Moore. [11] [12][13]

1839 0n 10 September, passengers Frederick Miles (age 33, occupation Baptist Minister), his wife Clara [sic] Miles (age 25), and her son Frederick Billing (age 6), arrived in the Port of New York on the steam ship Great Western from Bristol. [14]

1841 Frederick and Elizabeth's daughter Charlotte, age 11 months, died on March 21 in Fredericton, York County, New Brunswick, Canada. [15]

Eliza Delahoy Billing Miles Cushman, Boston 1889.

1890 Eliza Delahoy Billings Miles Cushman died on May 4. Her death record reports that Eliza Cushman (m.n. Delahoy) died 1890 May 4 at 195 Main Street in Boston of enteritis (18 days), age 80 years and 8 months, born in England, mother Elizabeth born in England. [Massachusetts Archives, Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910, Vol 411, p 156] The Saint John Messenger and Visitor reported, [16]

d. Bunker Hill District, Charlestown, Mass., May 4, Eliza Cushman widow of Rev. R.W. Cushman, age 80 years 8 mos. She was originally the wife of Rev. Frederick Miles, one of the founders of the New Brunswick Baptist Educational Society and the first principal of the Seminary established at Fredericton. Mr. Miles went to England on a collecting agency for the institution. He succeeded in bringing home some money, but what was better, he brought a wife of priceless value. She was the daughter of Mrs. Moore of London; she was highly educated. Sometime after the death of Mr. Miles, she married Rev. Dr. Cushman at that time pastor of the church at Bowden Square, Boston. By him she had one daughter who in the process of time became the wife of Dr. Davis. After the death of Dr. Cushman, she remained with her daughter.

Research Notes:

John Francis (Jack) Schafer wrote, [17]

Elise (or Eliza) Delahoy or (Delahaye) was born in 1809 in Greenwich, England, of French ancestry, and died in Boston in 1890. She was the second wife of William Billing, born in 1788. He was a widower with 7 children. Elise became the governess for his children. They were later married in 1831. They had one child, Frederick Billing, later known as Frederick Billing Miles. William Billing died at sea in 1834. Her son, Frederick Billing Miles, was born at Bledlow Bucks, England in 1833 and died in Chicago in 1891. He, at one time, was a partner of Philip Armour in Milwaukee.

Elise married the second time to Rev. Fred Miles in 1839, a Baptist minister, also a widower. They emigrated to Fredericton, New Brunswick. Her son may have been adopted and became known as Fred Miles, like his step father. The Miles had a child who died. Following Mr. Miles' death, Elise married Rev. Robert Cushman. They had a daughter Ella (later Mrs. S. A. Davis). This would be the Ella mentioned in Elise's letter to her grandson, Frank Miles (son of Frederick Billing Miles). They lived in Washington and Boston. Grandma Cushman (as my mother knew her) died in Boston on May 4, 1890."

Henry Wyles Cushman (Cushman Family History, by Carla Cushman) wrote that Robert Cushman's second wife was the "widow of Rev. Frederick William Miles of Frederickton--a lady of distinguished intelligence and Christian virtues. Her maiden name was Delahoy, of French Huguenot descent. She bore Robert Cushman 3 children, 2 of whom died in infancy."


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