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Notes for William Billing and Elizabeth Delahoy

1809 On 25 August, Elizabeth Delahoy was born to parents James Olivant and Elizabeth Delahoy at No 6 Deptford Bridge, St Alphege Greenwich, Kent [1]. "This is to certify, that Elizabeth Delahoy, daughter of James Olivant Delahoy and Elizabeth his wife who was daughter of John & Elizabeth Omer, was born in No. 6 Deptford Bridge, in the Parish of St. Alphege, Greenwich, in the County of Kent the twenty-fifth day of August, in the year One thousand eight hundred and nine at whose birth we were present. J.L. Shirreff, surgeon, Sophia Delahoy. [Birth registration No. 2890, Dr. William's Library, Red Cross Street near Cripplegate, London, June 5th, 1810]

"When your grandmother and I visited Bledlow we went to "The Hall" where she lived as "The Squire's Lady," and I saw the room where your father was born, the church where he was christened, and we came across some of your grandmother's old servants, who still addressed her as 'My Lady.' The squire was much older and he used to ride on horseback over all his domains... but one day he was thrown over the saddle, hurt himself in some way, was sent on a sailing vessel to recruit [recoup?], died and was buried at sea, and some months later your father was born, and later your grandmother sold out her possessions in Bledlow, and went back to her people in London. That's the story as I remember hearing it." [2]

1831 Eliza Delahoy and William Billing, Marriage: 13 July 1831, Saint Alphege, Greenwich, Kent, England [3]

"In reply to your letter of the 20th ultimo:, I have made enquiry and find that a marriage was solemized at the Parish Church of St Alfege, Greenwich on the 13th of July 1831, between William Billing, of Bledlow, Bucks, Widower, and Eliza Delahoy, of the Parish of Greenwich, Spinster. The marriage ceremony was performed by J.S. Masters, Curate. The names of the witnesses who signed the Register were John Omer, Elizabeth Moore, Sophia Delahoy, and Charlotte Delahoy." [4]

1833 Born 11 Jan, bapt 31 Mar, Frederick son of William & Eliza Billing, Bledlow, Farmer [5]


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