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Notes for Jacob Ruhl and Elizabeth Hosler

1788 On 28 April, Elisabeta Hassler [Elizabeth Hosler] was born to parents Abraham and Christina Hassler. She was baptized 12 May 1788 with sponsor Elisabetha Bortnerin at Fissel's (Jerusalem) Union Church, Shrewsbury Township, York County, Pennsylvania. [1]

1804 On 26 June, Christina Hassler, widow of Abraham Hassler deceased, applied to appoint Dewalt Schneider guardian over the persons and estates of Christina, Hassler (age 12), George Hassler (age 10), Catharina Hassler (age 8), and John Hassler (age 9), all minor children of the deceased. Elizabeth Hassler (age 16) prayed that Dewalt Schneider be named her guardian. The court agreed. [2]

1807 Elizabeth Hosler and Jacob Ruhl married about 1807, perhaps in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

1815 On 18 May, Jacob Ruhl died and was buried at Bethlehem (Steltz) Church Cemetery, York County, Pennsylvania. [3]

1835 Elizabeth Hosler died. [4][5][6]

Elizabeth Hosler Ruhl's gravestone, Morrow County, Ohio, 1835. A biography for their son Henry Ruhl reports: "Henry H. Ruhl, farmer lived at Post Office Wood view. Among, the successful farmers of Perry Tp., Mr. Ruhl deserves more than a passing notice. He is the oldest son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Hosler) Ruhl. He was born in York County, Pennsylvania., April 14, 1808. His father died when he was seven years old, and as he grew up he worked very hard for the support of the family until he was twenty-five years old. The mother re-married, and they came as a family, in the spring of 1833. Arriving, May 10, they rented a house near where Jacob I. Miller lived, and in August of that year they purchased 160 acres of Mr. Ruhl's present farm, of John Bigham, for $500. The only improvements made were a small cabin and seven acres under brush. The family consisted of four children-Henry H , (subject); Polly, who married John Warner, of Pa.; Rachel married John Garberick; and Jacob. The mother died about 1835. On March 20, 1836, he married Catherine Patterson, a daughter of James and Esther (Erstine) Patterson. She was born in York County, Pennsylvania., Sept. 12, 1802. Her parents afterwards removed to Maryland, from which they emigrated to Congress Tp., of this county, in the fall of 1825, where the entered eighty acres in the woods. They raised eight children to manhood and womanhood, all of whom were born in the East-John, Samuel, Peter, William, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary and Nancy. Mr. Rhul has lived on present place since his marriage. He and his esteemable wife, who has been a help-mate indeed; both worked in the clearing together in early days, burning their brush and log heaps at night. Mr. Rhul and his brother Jacob, went to thirty log-rollings one spring, and about that many in the fall. He has cleared about one hundred acres here, and now owns three hundred and twenty acres, principally the fruits of his own labor. Mr. Ruhl and his entire family are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. He has held a membership for forty-eight years, and has filled ably the various offices of Elder and Deacon. He has been Trustee of this township eleven terms, elected frequently, almost without opposition . Mr. Ruhl has raised two daughters, and one died in infancy; Catherine and Leah-Mrs. Byram Levering (see sketch); Catherine Ruh] was born Sept. 10, 1838, in this township. At twenty-seven she married Jacob Rule, a son of George and Mary Rule (see sketch of Elah Dennis). Her husband, Jacob Rule, was born Nov. 28, 1842, in Perry Tp., near Woodbury. He lived on a farm until eighteen, then became a clerk in a store, for some time. Subsequently he worked on the farm by the mouth, about four years. After his marriage with Miss Ruhl, he worked for Levering and Merwine about eight months, after which he began farming on the lands of H. H. Rub], where he has lived ever since. In 1874 he purchased eighty acres of land. Four children have been born to them-Eva, born Sept. 24, 1866; Hernia, April 21, 1872; Idella, Nov. 17, 1874; Heilman H., March 2, 1880. He and his wife are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church." [7]


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