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Notes for Aaron Hutchinson and Mary Jacques

1787 Aaron Hutcheson [Hutchinson] was an associate Methodist preacher in Del. with Jacob Brush. [1]

1790 Aaron Hutchinson was appointed as clergyman at the Trenton-Greene Street Methodist Episcopal Church. [2]

1791 On 30 July, Aaron Hutchinson died in Milford, East Windsor, Middlesex County, New Jersey. [3]

1791 The death of Aaron Hutchinson was reported: "Aaron Hutchinson, a man of clear understanding, gospel simplicity, and godly sincerity, blameless in his life, acceptable as a preacher, fruitful in his labours, which ended in the short space of four years. He was patient, resigned, and confident in his last moments." [4][5]

A biosketch of brother Sylvester Hutchinson reported the following: "There were three brothers in the itinerant ministry, Sylvester, Robert, and Aaron. An old preacher whom time has shaken by the hand, who was well acquainted with the Hutchinson family, says they were born in Burlington County, New Jersey...In regard to preaching, Aaron was considered the best preacher, the most able of the three. I have a letter of his before me, to Rev. Thomas Morrell, which exhibits a very pure spirit, and shows the character of the man. . He was in the work only four years. He was received in 1787, and died in 1791. Mr. Hutchinson had a clear head and a warm heart. He exhibited gospel simplicity and godly sincerity, was blameless in life, and triumphant in death." [6]


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