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Notes for Edwin George Schafer and Ella Frances Miles

Notes from Jack (John Francis) Schafer: Mom and Dad must have graduated from high school the same year, 1902, she at 16 in Hamilton and he at 18 in Jewell City. (I have his about 3 x 4 foot diploma.) She spent the next two years at the McDonald Institute--the first in Hamilton and the second in Guelph--in a two-year home economics program. This is one of the three institutions that subsequently comprised Guelph University. Dad spent these two years farming with his father.

Dad graduated from college in three years, having come from a "good" high school. He spent the next two years working for the College's Agronomy Department. Mother worked at various jobs--child care, secretary at the Otis Elevator Company--until she was old enough to teach Junior High home economics in Hamilton. She must have lived with relatives after her mother returned to LaGrange.

In 1909 Dad went to the University of Illinois where he spent a school year and received a Master's degree. Mother spent the summer of 1909 at Columbia University in New York City. Later that year she answered a commercial recruiting ad, and on January 1, 1910, arrived in Manhattan, Kansas, as an instructor in home economics at Kansas State Agricultural College, now Kansas State University. Later in 1910 Dad returned from Illinois, and became an instructor in agronomy. They were both faculty members until their marriage in 1912, when Mother, of course, immediately lost her job, now being a faculty wife. They remained at Kansas State for another year, until moving to the State College of Washington, now Washington State University, in Pullman, where they spent most of their adult and family life and Dad's professional career.

U.S. Census Notes: Edwin G. (age 35) and Ella (age 33) appear in the 1920 U.S. census in Pullman, Whitman County, Washington, with children George, age 6, and Judith, age 4. Edwin G. (age 46, age 28 at marriage) and Ella Schafer (age 44, age 26 at marriage) appear in the 1930 U.S. census, in Pullman, Whitman County, Washington at 1814 Monroe St. with son George (age 16), daughter Judith (age 14) and son John (age 9). Edwin's occupation is college instructor. Edwin was born in Kansas, his father and mother in Germany. Ella was born in Illinois, her father in Wisconsin, her mother in Canada (English). All of the children were born in Washington. 

Notes from a conversation with Judy Schafer Chevalley Hiss on her 90th birthday:

The family had a Model T Ford (perhaps two different models at different times) and visited the National parks of Glacier and Yellowstone and also visited Seaside, Oregon on the coast (when Judy was 8). They stayed in motels and cabin camps (with restrooms in separate buildings).

1958 Ella died of a stroke, after having a previous stroke.

Edwin later moved to a retirement home in Spokane and rented his house in Pullman to a faculty member with the stipulation that he could visit when he returned to Pullman. He left the car (likely a Pontiac) in the garage. He took the train from Spokane when he visited Pullman and walked to the garage to get the car and then drove back to the train station to get his suitcase. He attended a men's weekly luncheon club and the Kiwanas and the Wranglers Club when he visited in Pullman. Edwin's son Jack lived in Pullman during part of this time. 

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