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Notes for Samuel Rohrbach and Margaret Wildasin

Samuel Rohrbach was a farmer and shoemaker in Codorus Twp, York County, Pennsylvania.

1776 On 26 February, Samuel Rohrbach was born and he was christened on 17 March, with parents Lorentz and Anna Catherine Rohrbach, at St Jacobs Stone Lutheran Church in Brodbecks, York County, Pennsylvania. [1]

1797 Samuel Rohrbach was not on the tax list of either Codorus or Shrewsbury Twp, York County, although he was of age 21.

1798 Samuel Rohrbach was listed on the US direct tax for York County. He had a log barn on 50 acres in Codorus Twp, York County valued at $250 adjacent to John Rorhbach. Samuel had a dwelling valued at $176. Samuel had a lot valued at $250. [2]

1799 Samuel Rohrbach was taxed in Codorus Twp, York County with 100 acres and one horse and one cow.

1800 Samuel Rohrbach (age 16-26) lived in Codorus Twp, York County, Pennsylvania with 2 females age 0-10 (Maria Catharina and Louisa?), 1 male age 10-16 (?), 1 female age 16-26 (Margareta?) and 1 male age 16-26 (himself). John, Henry and Christian Rohrbach (his brothers?) were also listed, as was Abraham Hassler (daughter Maria's father-in-law). [3]

1800 Samuel Rohrbach was listed on the Pennsylvania septennial census for Codorus Twp, York County, Pennsylvania. [4]

1800 Samuel Rohrbach and his first wife sponsored the baptism, November 9, of Margareta Rohrbach, daughter of Johann Heinrich Rohrbach and wife Elisabeth at St. Jacob's (Stone) Lutheran and Reformed Church, Brodbecks, Codorus Twp, York County. [5]

1808 Samuel Rohrbach and his wife were sponsors, on March 13, at the baptism of Catharina Stambach (born December 25, 1807), the daughter of Jacob and Maria Stambach.

1809 On 3 November, a survey for Michael Bohler, in Codorus Twp, York County with Henry Skiles for a tract of land called Lick Run, adjacent to Jacob Leedy and widow Grogran, was ultimately made to Samuel Rohrbach. [6]

1810 Samuel Rohrbach (age 26-44) lived with female (age 16-25) and 2 males age 0-10 (David and John), 3 females age 0-10 (Sarah, Elizabeth and Phillipina), and 2 females age 10-15 (Maria Catharina and Louisa) in Codorus Twp, York County, Pennsylvania. [7] The age does not match Margaret Wildasin, born 1775.

1810 On November 17, 1810 "Samuel Rohrbach of Codorus Twp, shoemaker" purchased 195 acres in Shrewsbury Twp, York County from Henry Bailey and wife Catharine. [8]

1813-14 Samuel Rohrbach was taxed in Shrewsbury Twp for 195 acres, two horses and three cows.

1820 Samuel Rohrbach (age 45+) and female age 20-45 lived in Shrewsbury Twp, York County, Pennsylvania with one male age 0-10 (George), one male age 10-15 (David or John), one female age 0-10 (Christiana Jane), and one female age 10-15 (?). [9]

1830 Samuel Rohrbach (age 50-60) lived in Shrewsbury Twp, York County, Pennsylvania with one male age 5-10 (?), one male age 15-20 (George), two males age 20-30 (John and David), 2 females age 15-20 (Christiana Jane and?). [10]

1840 Samuel Rohrbach (age 60-70) lived in Shrewsbury Twp, York County, Pennsylvania with one male age 20-30 (George), one male age 20-25 (Samuel) and one female age 20-30 (Polly?). [11][12]

1850 Samuel Rohrbach (age 73) and Catherine Decker (age 60) lived in South Codorus Twp, York County, Pennsylvania. [13]

1855 On 16 June, Samuel Rohrbach died at age 70y 3m 18d. A memorial stone is in New Hope United Church of Christ (Fissel's) Cemetery, Glen Rock, York County, Pennsylvania. [14]

1855 The estate of Samuel Rohrbach was administered. List, Photocopies of original documents for the estate of Samuel Rohrbaugh, 1855.

1856 On 10 November, [daughter] Catherine Hosler made a release to [son] Samuel Rohrbaugh Jr, administrator. [15]

1857 On 10 April, George Shetter Esq. distributed the balance in the hands of Samuel Rohrbach Jr, administrator of Samuel Rohrbach deceased, as follows. The balance of the account ... was $910.44¾ from which the costs of Auditor $5.00, Clerk of Orphans' Court $2.00, Advertising costs of $1.00 were deducted leaving a balance for distribution of $902.44¾. Said intestate left to survive him nine children viz. Catharine the wife of George Hosler, Philippina the wife of Jacob Henry, Louisa the wife of Daniel Foust, all now of the state of Ohio, Elizabeth the wife of N.B. Hawkins, Polly the wife of Robert Heape now of the state of Illinois, Sarah the wife of Barnabas F. Jones of the State of Indiana, George Rohrbaugh, Samuel Rohrbaugh, and Jane the wife of Jacob Frey all of York County, to and among whom this distribution is to be made as follows, to wit: The distribution share to each child is $100.27- the deceased having left no widow ... Due notice of the time and place of making this distribution was given by advertisement in the "York Republican" (not seen).

Research Notes:

The names of children reported in the original 1970 book by Lewis Rohrbach differ from the children listed in Samuel's estate administration records. These discrepancies have been resolved through further research by Lewis Rohrbach. Children of Samuel Rohrbaugh have been assigned here to mothers (Wildasin and Nace) based on evidence about dates of birth. Both marriages were reported in an LDS file for Samuel Rohrbaugh. One LDS file reported Samuel Wildasin as the likely father of Margaret.

The age of the wife in the 1810 census does not match the birthdate of Margaret Wildasin.

1822 On December 13, 1822 Samuel Rohrbach was appointed administrator of the estate of his second wife Margaret. [York County Pennsylvania Administration bonds 2G-474; book 2G is now lost]

1869 The will of Adam Nace of Manheim Twp, York County, mentioned a daughter married to Samuel Rohrbach [16]. The will of Michael Upland of Codorus Twp, York County, dated prior to 1820, mentioned his wife Dorothea and children John Upland and Elizabeth married to Adam Nace.


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