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Notes for Joseph Ritner Brenizer and Sarah Ann Weigle

1825 Joseph Ritner Brenizer was the second son born to Michael and Mary Brenizer. His birthdate, reported as 30 July 1825, is not documented and it is not known whether sister Caroline was born before or after him. His age at death suggests that his birthdate was 16 July, 1825. Joseph's birthplace has been reported as Adams County and as Cumberland County, Pennsylvania [Adams was formed from part of Cumberland county]. During his life, Joseph Ritner Brenizer's name appeared as Jacob Brenizer [Ira Gerald Wolfe's obituary and in Homer Wolfe's story], Ritner Brenizer [1], and Joseph R Brenizer [2].

1830 Joseph Brenizer might have been one of 3 males under age 5 in the household of his father, Michael, South Middleton Twp, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. [3]

1834 Sarah Weigle was born to Jonas and Margaret Weigle when her older brother Samuel was 2 years old. [Story] Figuring out which Sarah Weigle was Joseph Brenizer's wife.

1836 Joseph Brenizer's father died when Joseph is only 11 years old. His mother Mary had 7 children to raise.

1840 Joseph Brenizer's mother, Mary Wise Brenizer, lived in South Middleton Twp, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania with 3 boys under age 10 [4]. No son of Joseph's age (15) was listed in the household.

1844 After the births of two more daughters to Sarah Weigle's parents, Sarah's brother Jonas was born and was baptized at the Lutheran German Reformed Church in Arendtsville, Adams County. Later, in 1859, after Sarah Weigle and Joseph Ritner Brenizer were married, they baptized their child Jonas Clayton Brenizer at the same church. Both Sarah Weigle's brother Jonas Weigle and her son Jonas Brenizer were likely named after Sarah's father Jonas Weigle. Joseph Ritner Brenizer's brother Lafayette Brenizer also baptized several of his children at this church.

1850 There were two possible census listings for Joseph Ritner Brenizer. Joseph Brenizer was listed as a coppersmith (age 23) in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania living in the household of Abraham Edwards [5]. Ritner Brenizer (age 25, born PA) lived in Creagerstown, Frederick, Maryland working as a laborer in the household of James Foster [6]. Perhaps these both refer to Ritner Brenizer, with double reporting to the census.

1850 Sarah Weigle lived in Huntingdon Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania, at age 15. She was no longer in school. She was the daughter of Jonas Weigle (age perhaps 41), a farmer with land worth $800, and Christina (age perhaps 41), who could not read or write. Elizabeth (13), Samuel (10), Sophia (8), and Jonas (7), all in school, and William (1) were listed as siblings [7]. This 1850 census record links Sarah and Sophia as daughters of Jonas Weigle. The 1910 census record for Ira Wolfe and Clara Brenizer Wolfe lists Sophie English as an aunt. Together with the marriage of Sophia Weigle to Charles English in Ohio, this provides evidence that this Sarah Weigle, sister of Sophia Weigle, was Clara Brenizer's mother.

1853 Joseph Brenizer's mother died in Hampton, Reading Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania with 4 minor children: Joanna Marie and George, who were about 19 years old, and twins Lafayette and Washington, who were 18 years old.

1856 Ritner Brenizer, of Hampton, and Sarah Weigle, of Huntington Twp, were married by Rev. J Martin on 4 November at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in York Springs, which is several miles north of Hampton. [8][9][10]

1857 Son Jacob Addison Brenizer was born on April 13. Jacob was baptized on October 11, at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, York Springs, Adams County, Pennsylvania. [11]

1859 Son Jonas Claton Brenizer was born on June 17. Jonas was baptized on May 19, 1860, at Lutheran and Reformed Church, Arendtsville, Adams County, Pennsylvania. [12]

1860 Ritner Brenizer, millwright (age 31), and wife Sarah (age 25) lived in Franklin Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania, with children Jacob (age 3), and Jonas (age 11 months) with estate valued at $50. Living next door was a Jacob Weigle (age 28). [13][14]

1862 Clara Vestillia Brenizer, daughter of Sarah A Brenizer, was born on October 14, 186[1,?]. She was baptized on May 26, 1866, at the Trindle Spring Lutheran Church, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. [15]

1863 Ritner Brenizer of South Middleton Twp, Cumberland County, was reported to the draft board, on July 1, as age 36, with occupation laborer. [16]

1870 Ritner Brenizer (age 45) and wife Sarah Brenizer (age 34) lived in Shippensburg Twp, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania with children Jacob (age 14), Clara (age 7), Anna (age 3), and Ella M (age 2 months). Ritner's real estate was valued at $1000 and his personal estate has value $275. Ritner's occupation was millwright. [17]

1877 Joseph and Sarah Brenizer moved to Union City, Ohio, based on daughter Anna Mary being age 11 when they moved.

1880 Joseph R. Brenizer (age 53) and wife Sarah A. Brenizer (age 47) were listed at East Jackson, Darke County, Ohio with children Clara V (age 17), Anna M (age 14), Ella M (age 10), and John A (age 7). Ella and John were in school. Clara and Anna were single and kept house with their mother Sarah. [18]

188? Daughter Clara Brenizer moved to Kansas and married her cousin Ira Wolfe in 1885.

c1880s Joseph Ritner Brenizer.

c 1880s Sarah Weigle.

c 1880s Sarah Weigle.

1889 Joseph Brenizer's gravemarker, New Teegarden Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio.

1889 J.R. Brenizer died on July 8, 1889, at age 63y, 11m, 22d, and was buried at Teegarden Cemetery, Ansonia, Darke County, Ohio. [19] A death summary indicates birth in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania to mother Mary Wise; he was a farmer and died at age 63 yrs, 11 mo, 9 days of abdominal dropsy [20]

1900 Widow Sarah A. Bernizer [Brenizer] (age 65) lived with son-in-law George Shawl (age 36) in Union City Village, Ohio, next door to Ira Wolfe. [21]

1907 Newspaper notice of the death of Sara Weigle Brenizer.

1907 "Mrs Sara A Brenizer, seventy three years of age, died in North Gainesville [Florida] early Monday morning of consumption...Deceased is survived by two sons and three daughters...interment will be in Evergreen cemetery."

1907 Newspaper notice of the death of S. A. Brenizer.

1907 Sarah's sister, Mrs. S. English, and children; J. A. Brenizer, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Shawl, Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Wolfe; posted a notice thanking friends for sympathy of Sarah Weigle Brenizer. [22]


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