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Notes for Vincent Meyer and Anna Huber

1772 Vincent Myer was taxed in Earl Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for 300 acres, 4 horses, and 4 cattle. [1]

"In order to correct an error current among some of the descendants of Christian Myer (who probably have been misinformed) who married Magdalene Huber (No. 35), and to show the connection of Vincent Myer with the Huber family we herewith give the following account written by Isaac Hoover, a grandson of Vincent and Anna Huber Myer. Vincent Myer of Switzerland, a Mennonite preacher, died about A. D. 1700. He was the father of John Myer, born in 1684. This John Myer with many persecuted Mennonites fled from his home in Switzerland to Erlingen in the Palatinate where in 1709 he married Barbara Landis, a daughter of Mennonite parents. In 1720 John Myer with his family of three children came to America and settled at a fine spring in the wilderness, but now a fine farm in Lancaster Co, near New Holland. In 1721 another son was born whom they named Vincent, after his grandfather in Switzerland. In 1740 this Vincent Myer married Anna Huber. To them were born three sons and four daughters: John, Christian, Benjamin, Barbara (wife of Jacob Hoover), Christiana (wife of Michael Myer), Salome (wife of John Hoover), and Anna (wife of Joseph Hoover). John Myer who came to America in 1720 was born in 1684, died in 1758 at the age of 73 years, and is buried at Ephrata. Anna Myer, my grandmother, died in 1773 aged 44 years and 4 months. John Myer, mother's brother, died in 1824 aged 73 years, and is buried near Ephrata. Maria Myer, mother's sister, died in 1818, aged 60 years. Benjamin, mother's brother, died May 18, 1824, aged 61 years, 3 months, 21 days. Christiana died in February, aged 88 years. Christian, mother's brother, died in 1841, aged 86 years. The cemetery at or near Ephrata to which Isaac Hoover refers is on the Vincent Myer homestead in a clump of woods, a short distance south of the present borough of Akron, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania., which is three miles south of Ephrata, and in early days the Myers were referred to as living at Gravel Hill. In this cemetery are a few date stones. After the death of the wife of Vincent Myer he married a widow by the name of Newcomer, who is said to be the mother of Christian Newcomer, pioneer preacher and one of the founders of the United Brethren in Christ Church. [2]

Isaac Hoover evidently got his dates mixed in Christiana and Christian Myers age also in the date of Vincent Myers' marriage. If 1740 were correct he would have been 19 years of age and his wife 13 years old. It is more likely the date was 1750 as their oldest son John Myer was born in 1751. [3]

Richard Warren Davis reports Vincent's father to possibly be Elias Meyer.


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