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Notes for Isaiah Reed Good and Anna A Rohrer

1855 On 27 March, Anna Rohrer was born to Joseph R. Rohrer and Harriet Moyer (both born in Ohio). [1] Anna Rohrer was reported born in Harrison Twp, Elkhart County, Indiana. The Good and Rohrer families lived near the border of Union and Harrison Townships in Elkhart County, Indiana.

1860 Joseph J Rohrer and Harriet Rohrer lived in Harrison Twp, Elkhart County, Indiana with children Mary Rohrer (age 3), Sarah Rohrer (age 2), and Emanuel Rohrer (age 11 months). Anna was not listed. [2] Anna's grandfather, Joseph Rohrer, lived nearby.

1870 Joseph and Harriet Rohrer lived in Harrison Twp, Elkhart County, Indiana with children Anna (age 15), Mary, Sarah, Emanuel, Lovina, Isaiah, Josiah, and Almira. [3][4]

1875 On 18 March, Isaiah R Good and Anna A Rohrer were married in Elkhart County, Indiana. They lived at 1649 West 2nd Street, Marion, Indiana and were Mennonite Brethren in Christ. [5]

1879 The agricultural machine contract of 1874 resulted in a lawsuit by the Bucyrus Machine Works against Israel Good for a delinquent payment of $150. [Photocopy, 1879 Complaint.] [Photocopy, 1879 Payment.] [Photocopy, 1879 Summons.]

1880 The census reported I.R. Good (age 33), Apiarist (beekeeper), and wife Anna (age 25) lived in Union Twp, Elkhart County, Indiana with children Joseph (5), Sarah (3), and Ida (2). Mother Margaret Good lived next door. [6]

1881 Son Irby J. Good wrote notes, dated August 1933, saying Isaiah Good was "a farmer and a keeper of bees. He was widely known as a successful producer of honey. Later in his life he became a building contactor and followed that business for many years". Isaiah built several houses, including one at 1330 West 3rd Street in Marion, Indiana where grand-daughter Margaret Gregory was born. He also built the big red brick house where they were living when Lydian Good was married. [Photocopy, IJ Good notes about Isaiah Good.] [Movie, 1993 Grand-daughter Julia Good Wolfe remembers Isaiah Good.] [Movie, 2008 Grand-daughter Margaret Good Gregory remembers Isaiah Good.]

c 1881 Isaiah Good was in the Bee Man's Who's Who as the inventor of the carrier used to ship bees from Italy to USA. He was the first person to successfully ship bees across the ocean to the Holy Land. A 1960 beekeeping book describes the Queen-Cage and Good Candy as follows: "The queen and her attendants in queen cages must be provided with food until the queen is introduced into her new colony. The candy that is universally used by queen breeders is called "Good" candy, after I.R.Good who first introduced it in this country.". The bibliography-p. 487 lists "1881 Queen-Cage Candy, Gleanings in Bee Culture 9:374". The Appendix- p. 455 has two entries: "1881 I.R.Good advocated making queen-cage candy from powdered sugar and honey until it was too hard to drip." and "1886 U.S. Postal authorities legalized the shipment of queen bees by mail.". [7]

A. I. Root's book described the use of "Good candy" for bees [8][9][10][11].

1883 The Bee-Keepers' Guide [12] described methods to ship queen bees. One section was titled "The Good Candy" and described Isaiah Good's recipe for queen bees: "This consists of granulated sugar moistened with extracted honey. We are indebted to Mr. I.R. Good for this cheap and excellent food. The only caution required is to get it just moist enough to keep it soft and not so moist that it will drip at all. The end of the cage (Fig. 88) to contain this should extend one and one-half inches beyond the chamber made for the bees. Through this end, lengthwise not crosswise, bore one or two three-eighth inch holes. Fill these with the candy, and insert a wooden cork into the holes at the end of the cage. The fault with this candy is that it crumbles, as the honey is sipped from it, or evaporates. With the holes as suggested above, we find this is obviated. With this candy I have had queens on the road two weeks without the loss of a single bee." [Photocopy, Queen bee feeder for bee food invented by Isaiah Good. Fig. 88 of Bee Keeper's Guide.] [Photocopy, Title page of A.J. Cook's Bee-Keepers' Guide.] [Photocopy, Cook: Details of bee packaging.] [Photocopy, Cook: Admonition about mailing bees.]

Diversion: The citation in the book above was found serendipitously at Greenfield Village in Detroit, Michigan by Isaiah's grand-daughter Julia Good Wolfe in the 1980s. Julia was visiting the "Village", to which Henry Ford had moved several historic buildings related to invention and industry. Julia was surprised to see a shop that she knew well from her years in Dayton, Ohio: the Wright Brother's Bicycle Shop, in which the Wright brothers had developed the first airplane. The book was on a table and Julia chanced to pick it up and was delighted to see that it mentioned him. [Photocopy, Title of Eckert book, which has a better description of the recipe.] [Photocopy, Eckert book has a better description of the recipe.] [Photocopy, Eckert book: see 1881 entry.]

1883 Isaiah Good's brother Israel and wife Magdalena entered into an agreement with Joseph Strohm to transfer land to Strohm, if Strohm would pay mortgages on other land held by Magdalena. Isaac paid those mortgages and expected payment from Stroehm. Strohm transferred the land to Strohm's wife and then refused to pay. The case went to the Indiana Supreme Court and was decided in favor of the Goods. [13][14]

1883 Isaiah Good moved to Tennessee after hearing that the land was good there. Son William was born in Tennessee. Isaiah's brother Israel Isaac also moved at about the same time. They found that the land was not very good. Israel apparently moved on to South Carolina while Isaiah returned to Indiana after a few years.

c 1889 The Good family moved to Vawter Park in Turkey Creek Twp, Kosciusko County, Indiana near Lake Wawassee, the largest lake in Indiana.

1898 On 6 May, the estate of Margaret Good was settled in Elkhart County, Indiana with payment of $113.05 to each of 10 surviving children: Sarah Good, Margaret M. Parsons, Jacob B. Good, Elisha W. Good, Israel Good, Isaiah R. Good, Elizabeth Hoover, Frances Moyer, Mary A. Behler, and Lydia A. Lehman. [Elkhart courthouse, Goshen, Indiana]

1900 Isaiah Good's family lived in Turkey Creek, Kosciusko County, Indiana. [15]

1901-02 Isaiah R and Ann Good were listed in the Grant County, Indiana Directory, at post office Marion, RFD No 4 with 74 acres. [16]

1901 On 27 August, Isaiah R Good wrote to his second cousin Tobias Bowman [17] about family history. Tobias Bowman responded on 2 January, 1902.

Letter from Tobias Bowman to Isaiah R. Good, page 1.

Letter from Tobias Bowman to Isaiah R. Good, page 3.

c 19xx Isaiah and Anna Good posed for a family photo with all of their children.

Isaiah and Anna Rohrer Good family, perhaps early 1900.

c 19xx Isaiah and Anna Good with a grandchild, (perhaps Harry Carlton, other grand-children have also claimed this photo as their own).

c 1902 Isaiah R Good by porch.

1903 Isaiah R Good, carpenter, and Anna lived at 1649 west 2nd Street in Marion, Indiana. [18][19]

1904 "Marion, Ind., March 5, - The Prohibition party has nominated a full city ticket as follows: ...City Council: ... Isaiah R. Goode". [20]

c 1905 Isaiah and Anna Good in their yard in Marion, Indiana.

1907 Isaiah Good was a Trustee of Indiana Central University, Indianapolis, Indiana from 1907 to 1910 representing the White River Conference. He resided in Marion, Indiana. This was close to the time that some of Isaiah's sons attended the college. James E Shannon was also on the board from Marion. Dr. Shannon's daughter Mary would later marry Isaiah's son William Henry in 1910. Dr. James E Shannon would later give the eulogy at Isaiah Reed Good's funeral. [Photo, ICU Bulletin series 1 number 3, April 1908 Cover.] [Photo, Isaiah Reed Good was a trustee of Indiana Central University in 1907.]

1908 Son Irby J Good was married and the marriage license named Isaiah R Good as a contractor and Anna Rohrer as a housekeeper living in Marion, Indiana. [Photocopy, 1908 Irby Good marriage license.] [Photocopy, 1908 Mabel Rivir marriage license.]

1908 Isaiah R Good, retired, and Anna lived at 1306 west 3rd Street in Marion, Indiana. Allen B, James B, Lydian, and William H were students and Irby and Lavina were teachers, living at the same address. [21]

about 1908 Isaiah R Good with beehives.

about 1908 Isaiah Good with bee comb.

about 1908 Isaiah Good with many bee hives.

about 1909 Isaiah Good with his sons.

about 1910 Isaiah Good, with his brothers.

1910 Isaiah Good lived at 2WD Marion, Franklin Twp, Grant County, Indiana with wife Anna and children William, James, Allen, Lavina, and Lydian. [22]

1912 Daughter Lydian Good married Wilbur Sharon on August 14. Arthur and Ida Wirick drove a car to the wedding at the home of Isaiah and Anna in Marion, Indiana. Irby Good's children,Julia and Lowell, met Henry's new baby Margaret.

Lydian and Wilbur Sharon's wedding, 1912, by Arthur Wirick's car.

Cousins of Irby, Joseph, and William, 1912.

Julia and Lowell Good meet baby Margaret Good with uncle James, 1912.

c 19xx Isaiah Reed and Anna Rohrer Good with children and grandchild.

Isaiah and Anna with their children, perhaps about 1909-12.

c 1912? Isaiah and Anna Rohrer Good on porch.

Isaiah and Anna Rohrer Good on porch, about 1912.

1912 Daughter Lydian Good married Wilbur Sheron. Isaiah was listed as a retired farmer and Anna Rohrer was listed as a housekeeper of Marion, Indiana on Lydian's marriage license. [Photocopy] Wilbur Sharon's marriage license, 1912. [Photocopy] Lydian Good Sharon's marriage license, 1912

c 1912 Julia Good, Isaiah's grand-daughter, visited Isaiah's home and remembered that Isaiah placed a large bee on her shoulder and told her not to be afraid. She trusted him and the bee did not hurt her. (source: oral tradition told to Julia's son, Robert).

1913? Large group: Isaiah Good is in row 3, 7th from right and Anna is in row 2 sitting 5th from right.

Isaiah and Anna Rohrer.

c 1913

Isaiah Good, perhaps about 1913.

1913 Isaiah Good died of kidney failure. "Isaiah Good dies after long illness. Isaiah Good of this city, formerly well known contractor, died Sunday at the Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, where he had been a patient for the last ten days following an operation for gallstones. He was brought to his home West 212 South Western avenue, Sunday night. He had been ill for the last five months. Mr. Good was born in Ohio sixty-seven years ago. He is survived by a widow, six sons, Joseph R. Good of South Bend, W.H. and Amos Good, both of this city, and Irby J, James H., and Allen B., all of Indianapolis; four daughters, Mrs J.A. Metzler and Mrs A.T. Wirick, both of South Bend, Mrs. Wilbur Sherron of this city and Mrs. W.G. Bailey of Indianapolis. The body will lie in state Tuesday until 1 p.m. The funeral will be held from the first U.B. church Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, with the Rev. J.E. Shannon in charge, followed by burial in the IOOF cemetery." [23] [Photocopy] Isaiah Good obituary, October 6, 1913.

1913 "Isaac Good dead. Following an illness of five months and an operation for gall stones, Isaac Good, formerly of this city, and a well known contractor, died at the Methodist hospital, Indianapolis, Sunday, where he had been ten days. The body was brought Sunday night to his late home 212 South Western avenue. The funeral will be preached at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon from the First U.B. church with the Rev. J.E. Shannon in charge. The burial will be in the IOOF cemetery. Mr. Good was born in Ohio sixty-seven years ago. He is survived by a widow, six sons; Joseph R. Good of South Bend, W.H. and Amos Good, both of this city, and Irby J, James." [24] [Photocopy] Isaiah Good obituary, October 7, 1913.

Dr. James Edward Shannon, father of Isaiah's daughter-in-law Mary Shannon, gave this eulogy for Isaiah Reed Good. "Isaiah Reed Good was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, September 18., 1846, and died in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 5, 1913, aged sixty-seven years and seventeen days. He was the son of Bennoble (Beneville) and Margaret Good and his death was the first in the family of ten children for almost sixty years; the other nine children lived in different parts of our country, and most of them are situated that they cannot be present today.

His ancestors came from the beautiful land along the Rhine river, from what is known as the Palatinate, and were a people of stalwart, vigorous, moral and religious character. His parents were members of the strict and radical Menonite Church. All immoral practices they, as a denomination, condemned, and in their own conduct were exemplary, prudent, and devout. The benefits of sound faith and careful living are seen in the fact that all the family of children, of which Dr. I.R. Good was a member, accepted the faith and espoused the cause of Christ, which was so dear to the hearts of their parents. Brother I.R. Good became a member of the Mennonite Church when quite a young man and continued in that church relation until about sixteen years ago when he became a member of the church of the United Brethren in Christ, at Syracuse, Indiana. The care and faithfulness in religion that characterized his parents marked his life, and with the gratifying results that his family of ten living children have all become members of the church. As pastor of this church it was my privilege and joy to receive Brother and Sister Good and nine of their children into membership here.

He was married at the age of twenty-eight to Anna Rohrer, aged twenty. To them were born eleven children, one dying in infancy, the other ten, with their mother are present today, the members of a broken family circle. Their sorrow, however, is not without hope for they are comforted in the hope that at the coming of the Lord, they shall meet in the air to be forever with the Lord and each other.

Brother Good and his family resided the greater part of their sojourn together in Nappanee, Syracuse, and Marion, Indiana. The most important points of consideration in looking out a new location were the School and Church privilege. No effort that he made for the education and salvation of his children were counted sacrifices, but were the sources of pleasure and joy.

The spirit of industry and thrift, characteristic of the German people, prevailed in his life. Farming, Building, Bee-Culture, and the sale of bees and their products were his chief pursuits. He was recognized as a specialist and authority on bees and was the first man to ship a queen bee across the ocean, and since then has shipped them to every civilized country on the planet. By careful selection and closest study of the best books on history, philosophy, and religion, he made himself an interesting and profitable companion, an associate both of the learned and unlettered. His conversation was always clean and marked by the strictest honesty, and under the most trying conditions remained so well-poised as to keep himself in both word and deed above reproach. His mind and spirit were so under the control of reason and the Grace of God as to keep him from the extremes of passion which cause grief to come to one's friends and remorse to one's soul. He taught by example as well as precept. His life showed that the best way to train up a child in the way he should go is to go that way.

Public-spirited, he lived for the good of his community. As a member of the town board in Nappanee, Indiana, he caused the laws to be enforced against gambling in pool-rooms, and saloons, which rigid enforcement eventually closed several saloons, their main sources of revenue having been the different forms of gambling. He was not only a temperance man and a temperate man but voted the National Prohibition ticket for many years.

It was said by one of his own brothers that Isaiah seemed to his brothers, more like a father than a brother. I have heard men who are here today, say that Mr. Good has been a father to them in the more than thirteen years he has lived in Marion.

His real worth to us will be appreciated more now than ever before. I am sure that this church will suffer keenly the loss of his presence in the meetings, and his influence as exerted in the community. Noone who attended the preaching here came better prepared to receive and appreciate the sermons and Bible readings."

1917 On 1 June, James Blaine Good, son of Isaiah R Good and Anna Rohrer, and Leona Beryl Eastes, daughter of Fremont Eastes and Rosa Anna Russell, were married in Hancock County, Indiana. [25]

1917 Anna on a Florida dock with family members on a cold windy Sunday in December. Daugher Lydian Good Sharon sent the picture on a post card to son Irby Good in Indianapolis. They only had fire in their stove for a few days that Fall in Florida, before it got warm again. All in the family were well.

Post card photo of the Florida Good family on a dock in 1917.

1918 Anna Good and the families of daughters Anna Metzler and Lydian Sharon near the beach in Florida, on a post card picture sent to daughter-in-law Mabel Good in Indianapolis on Jan 25.

Good family postcard from Lydian to Mrs IJ Good, c 1918.

1918 Anna Good, widow of I R Good, lived at 317½ 2d Street in St Petersburg, Florida. [26]

c 1918 Irby Good (right) with Anna and James (left).

Anna with sons Irby and James, c 1918.


Anna Rohrer Good on her 80th birthday, 1918.

c 1918 Several of Anna Rohrer's children visited.

Anna Rohrer Good and 6 sons, about 1918.

Anna Rohrer Good with daughters and daughters-in-law, about 1918.

Allen B Good, about 1918.

William Henry and Allen Bradford Good, about 1918.


Anna Rohrer Good with grandchildren, 1918.

c 1920 There was a Good family reunion.

Good family reunion, c 1920.

Good family reunion, c 1920.

1922 Anna Good, widow of Isaiah, lived at 506 3rd Street in St Petersburg, Florida. William, painter, and Mary S Good lived at the same address. [27]

1922 Anna Rohrer Good.

Anna Rohrer Good 1922.

[note on back].

1923 Anna Rohrer Good.

Anna Rohrer Good in 1923.

1924 Letter from Anna Rohrer Good to son IJ Good on May 26 (soon before her death) [Photocopy] Letter from Anna to son IJ Good. [Photocopy] Letter from Anna to son IJ Good.

1924 On 13 June, widow Anna Good, daughter of Joseph R. Rohrer and Harriet Moyer (both born in Ohio), and wife of Isiah Good, died at age 69y 2m 17d at Pineallas, St. Petersburg, Fla. She was buried at Marian, Indiana. [28]

1924 An obituary reported [29]:

Mrs. Anna Rohrer Good of Marion, Indiana, aged 71, a former well known resident of Wakarusa, died yesterday at St. Petersburg, Fla., where she had spent the last three winters. The body will be brought back to Marion, the funeral to be held there Thursday morning at the home. Mrs. Good, who was the widow of Isaiah Good, was born in Harrison township, just east of Wakarusa, where she spent her entire life until the last few years. She is survived by nine children, three brothers and three sisters.

1924 An obituary reported [30]:

Mrs. Anna Good, widow of the late [Isaiah] Good of [Marion], is dead at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Wilbur Sheron, of St Petersburg, Florida. The body will be brought to this city for burial, arriving Wednesday. She is survived by daughters Mrs. Sheron (sic); Mrs. Ida Wirick, South Bend; and Mrs. Warren Dailey (sic), Chicago, and sons Amos Good, Marion; William Good, St Petersburg Florida; Joseph Good, South Bend; Irby Good, president of Indiana Central College, Indianapolis; Allen Good, Long Beach California; and James Good, Greenfield, Indiana.

1924 An obituary, for Anna Rohrer Good, dated June 16, reported [31] [Photocopy]:

Mrs. Anna Good, a former resident of Marion, who died Friday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilbur Sheron at St. Petersburg, Fla., will be brought back to this city, arriving Wednesday, accompanied by a son, Amos Good of this city, who was at the bedside of his mother at the death. The body will be taken to the Good home, 211 South D Street. Funeral services will be held from the first U.B. church at ten-thirty Thursday morning with Rev. J.E. Shannon, a former pastor of the church, in charge. Burial in the IOOF cemetery. Mrs. Good, who was the widow of the late Isaac Good, is survived by nine children. They are William Good and Mrs. Wilbur Sheron of St. Petersburg, Florida; Joseph of South Bend; Mrs. Ida Wirick, of South Bend; Mrs. Warren Baily of Chicago; Irby Good, president of the Indiana Central College, Indianapolis; Allen Good of Long Beach, Calif; James Good of Greenfield, Indiana, and Amos Good of this city.

FAnna Rohrer Good's family, at her funeral.

Gravestones of Isaiah and Anna Rohrer Good.

1924 Anna Rohrer Good was buried June 19 at the 1st UB Church in Marion, Indiana.

Anna Rohrer Good (1855-1924)[32] and Isaiah Good (1846-1913)[33] are buried at the Estates of Serenity/IOOF/Old Oaklandon Cemetery in Grant County, Indiana.

Research Notes:

Isaiah Good has been reported to have been a Trustee of the First United Brethren Church in Marion, Indiana.

Doolittle, G.M., Bee Keeping Scientific Queen-Rearing as Practically Applied, (1901, George W York & Co, Chicago, Illinois), Third edition. p. 53, 85, 86, 98, Describes Good candy for bees.

Cheshire, Frank Richard, Bees & Bee-keeping: Scientific and Practical, (1888, L. Upcott Gill), p. 330, This food is commonly called " Good Candy," from Mr. Good, who first compounded it.


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