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Notes for Charles Theodore Pickett and Elizabeth R Page

1857 The family of Elizabeth Page lived in Union City, which was first laid out as a town in 1849 and had become a railroad center by 1855. The residence of the family of Charles Pickett is unknown, since father Isaiah Pickett had recently died, apparently without a homestead. Lands of W.K. Marquis and M.C. Page were shown near each other, north of Union City, in an 1857 atlas of Jackson Twp, Darke County, Ohio [1]. Charles Pickett and his widowed mother, Nancy, may have lived in the household of W.K. Marquess at this time. Elizabeth R Page likely lived with her father, M.C. Page. [Photocopy] close-up of 1857 Darke County, Ohio atlas map with lands of MC Page and WK Marquis.

1859-60 Nancy Pickett and son Charles moved from Ohio to Missouri and lived there for a short time, before returning to Darke County, Ohio. In 1960, Nancy Pickett (age 63, widow, born North Carolina) and Charles T. Pickett (age 19, born Ohio), teacher, lived in Box Township, Cedar, Missouri. [2][3]

1862 On 25 October, Charles Pickett enlisted in the Union Army, as a private at Camp Cleveland, Ohio, in Company C, 10th Ohio Cavalry. [4] Some details of the extensive Civil War record for Charles Pickett are summarized in his personal notes.

1865 On June 10, Corporal Charles Pickett mustered out of the army at Camp Chase, Ohio. [5][6]

1865 Charles Pickett wrote to his brother Micajah C Pickett in Florida [7]:

Union City Ind. Aug 17th 1865. Brother Micajah. Dear brother, It is unnecessary for me to apologize for not writing sooner for the unsettled condition of affairs in the South for the last five or six years has prevented all communications. Had ? I can not tell wheather this will reach you or not nor in what situations you may be in. But I will try and make it reach you. I will not dwell upon the unhappy Condition of the Country for you no doubt are as well posted as myself. I will merely give you such news of our family as I am acquainted with. Our loved Mother is well and living here in Ohio where (excepting five years in the west) She has lived ever since our father came to the North. She lives with brother Isaiah who is a great fleshy farmer with a good farm. (unreadable) and I expect I am the only one of the family that helped fight the battles of our country. I was under Gen Killpatrick of Shermans (line missing). Sister Mary Jane is in the Same City. Sister Catharine is living in Kansas. also Brother John Pickett lives in Kansas his adress is Easton, Leavenworth, K. He is now gone on a trip to New Mexico but will be back this Fall. The last and youngest is Myself. Charles T. I have been a soldier. Sister Rachel is living in Illinois. Her first husband is dead and She is Maried again to ?y to a Mr. Bliss. P.O is Lacon City Ill. (line missing?) Now dear brother I want to hear from you. If you have been in the Confederate army it will make no difference now. Only we wish to know if you are yet living. direct Union City, Indiana. Your loving brother, Charles T. Pickett. To M C Pickett, Apalachicola, FA. [Photocopy, Letter from Charles Pickett to brother Micajah, 1865, page 1.], [Photocopy, page 2.], [Photocopy, page 3.], [Photocopy, page 4.]

1865 Elizabeth Page and Charles Pickett were married on December 23, by R.H. Sparks, M.E. [likely the Methodist Episcopal Church founded in 1852] Pastor in Union City, Indiana, the same year that Charles returned from the Civil War [8][9]. [Photocopy] Marriage record of Charles Pickett and Elizabeth Page in Union City, Indiana, 1865.

1867 EF&C Straight sold Lot 23, Fowler's Addition Union City, Ohio to MC Page and [CT] Charles T Pickett. MC Page was the father of Elizabeth Page Pickett. Two of Charles' brothers-in-law were named Fowler. [10]

1868 Elizabeth Page Pickett's mother, Sarah Page, died on March 17.

1868 Elizabeth Page Pickett's grandfather, Benjamin Page, died in November.

1869 M.C. Page, Mrs E. Pickett, and C.F. Page [sic, likely C.T Pickett] were charter members of the Rebekah Lodge No 12 in Union City, Ohio. [11]

1870 Elizabeth's father, Michael Page, married widow Elizabeth Norton (formerly Elizabeth Hinshaw) on 28 December in Randolph County, Indiana.

1870 Charles Pickett (age 29) and Elizabeth Pickett (age 22) lived in Union City, JacksonTwp, Darke County, Ohio. Charles' occupation was Ret[ail] Grocer and his real estate and estate were valued at $1400 and $500. Their children were John T (age 3), Edward C (age 1), and William J (age 3 months). Charles' mother Nancy (age 74, born in North Carolina) lived with them. [12][13]

1871-76 Isaiah C Picket was the administrator for the estate of Asahel C. Page. On Wednesday, March 1, 1871, a complaint was made by William Allen that the estate of AC Page had not been settled by IC Pickett, more than 18 months after letters of administration had been signed, as reported in Probate Court of Darke County, Ohio [14]. On Monday, 13 March, 1871, Isiah [Isaiah] Pickett filed his first account of the estate [15]. On the same day, Isiah C Pickett filed inventory for the estate of Robert Bowyer. IC Pickett was ordered to pay costs. On Friday, April 14, 1871, I.C. Pickett presented his account with balance $508.85 [16]. On 16 May, 1871, IC Pickett was ordered to pay $508.85 to the heirs of the estate [17]. On 25 May, W. Allen recieved $63.60, one eighth share of the estate of A.C. Page from I.C. Pickett, administrator, "which sum I am entitled to as the owner of the ? of Anna Frists, in said estate, who is one of the heirs of said decedent" [18]. On 20 March 1876, I.C. Pickett paid probate judge James Meeker $63.60 for Amy and Collins A Stevens of Burlington County, New Jersey, part of the share of Amy Stevens [19]. On 21 March, 1876, $63.60 was paid to Sarah and Richard Ridgeway, of Burlington County New Jersey, for the share of Sarah Ridgeway. On 25 March, Mary Birkdull of Jefferson Kentucky received the same share. On 25 March, Elizabeth B. Powell and David Powell Jefferson County Kentucky received the same for Elizabeth's share. These documents provide a three generation link Between Asahel C Page and Elizabeth R Page, daughter of M.C. Page, and husband of Charles Pickett, through Isaiah Cochran Pickett, brother to Charles Pickett.

Undated The estate of AC Page [Elizabeth's great-uncle] was administered by Michael C Page [Elizabeth's father] and JC Pickett [sic, IC Pickett, Charles's brother] [20]. The documents cited [not all seen] would provide a three generation link to Elizabeth R Page, daughter of Michael C. Page, and husband of Charles Pickett, through Isaiah Cochran Pickett, brother to Charles Pickett.

1875 The business listing for Union City, Ohio side, included "Resident Attorneys, Messrs. Baker and Pickett." [21]. Charles T Pickett was a lawyer, admitted to the bar in 1888 [22].

1876 Five of the children of Charles and Elizabeth Pickett died between 1876 and 1882. Four of them were buried in the Union City, Indiana Cemetery. (Lot Number), Date and Name: (497) Dec 31 1876 child of C. Picket (John), (497) Apr 10 1876 Lillen Pickett, (487) Apr 10 1876 Sherman Pickett, (497) Mar 6 1877 child of C. Picket (Mary), (297) Oct 17 1881 child of C. Picket (Bertha). Bertha died of Typhoid fever. Earl died of a fever in 1882. [23][24]

1876 "Two children son and daughter of Mr. Charles Pickett, the eldest a boy of 6 years and the other, a girl of 4 years, were taken violently ill on Saturday under circumstances that induced the belief of poisoning. Others are of the opinion that the children died of spoted fever." [25]

1877-78 Chas T Pickett, lawyer, was listed in the Union City Directory with addresses on Sycamore and on Chestnut streets.

1879 A deed from CT Pickett and wife dated Feb 14 granted part AE SE to B&C Pickett.

1880 Charles Pickett was a juror in a murder trial in Darke County. Monroe Roberson killed his brother-in-law in an argument. Roberson was convicted and hanged. [26]

1880 Charles and Elizabeth Pickett lived at Railroad Street in Union City (photo taken 2005). [27]

1880 Charles Pickett (age 39) and Elizabeth R Pickett (age 35) lived at Rail Road Street, Union City, Darke County, Ohio with children Charles E (age 11), Kate E (age 3), Arielle M (age 1), [Bertha] unnamed (age 1 month). Charles was a lawyer. [28][29]

1882 Messrs. Baker and Pickett were early resident attorneys of Union City. Charles Pickett was one of 14 attorneys listed as currently practicing in Union City. [30]

1886 Nephew Arthur B Pickett and Ida Bourquin were married 5 Nov 1886 in Darke County, Ohio by C.T. Pickett. [31]

1888 Charles T Pickett was certified for an invalid pension for service in the 10 Ohio Cavalry. [32]

1888 In the June term of the Clermont County court, Elizabeth R Pickett was listed among several plaintiffs, regarding the estate of [grand-father] John Page. [33]

1890 The Gazeteer reported that Union City was an

Enterprising commercial and manufacturing place of 5,000 inhabitants, ... in a thickly settled and rich agricultural district ... This is a comparitively new town as it was not settled until 1854, and in 1860 had become large enough for a corporation. Since 1860 its growth has been steady and of a substantial nature, and the indications of future prosperity are all that could be desired, even by its most sanguine well-wishers. Union City carries a debt of $40,000 and is supplied with a splendid system of water works, a well equipped fire department, seven churches, high and graded schools, an opera house, 4 hotels, 2 banks, and 2 weekly newspapers - Times and Eagle. ... Among the more prominent establishments operated are 3 saw mills, 2 excelsior factories, 2 boring machine manufacturies, 3 brickyards, 4 flour mills, 2 furniture factories, 2 planing mills, handle factory, cooper shop, 2 hub and spoke factories, flax mill, butter tub factory, tile yard, foundry and trunk slat factory. The city has a large commercial trade in grain, livestock and produce.

1890 Charles T Pickett was listed as a lawyer in the Indiana State Gazeteer and Business Directory by RL Polk & Co. Other lawyers listed included Bell & Ross, Oblinger, Shockney, and William.

1893 There was a financial panic with many bank failures in the Midwest and South and a depression of the economy.

1893 The business directory for Union City, Ohio and Indiana (population 5811) listed Pickett C attorney, E Railroad Ave, Ohio side. [Photocopy, Charles Pickett directory listing for Union City, Ohio, 1893.]

1895 Charles Pickett wrote a letter to his nephew James. A typewritten transcription is repeated below (with some editorial comments). [34]

Union City Ind. April 23rd .95
Mr James Pickett, Dear Sir -
And beloved nephew --
It seems so strange that I of only your own age, should call you nephew. If it had been our fortunes that we would have been born and lived nearer, we possibly would have felt more as brothers. Yet it is enough that we are so nearly allied in blood that we forget not our common ancestry. Your father, My eldest brother I never met. Your Uncle my brother James M. I never saw. I was born in Ohio, Darke County, in which place I now live near my birthplace. My P.O. adddress is Union City, Ind. because our city is divided by the state line separating Ohio from Indiana. I live in Ohio. Our city together is about 8000 inhabitants a little more than half of which is in Union City, Indiana. We have distinct and separate municipal governments. The (Post Office ?) is on the Indiana side.

Your letter, as was that of my nieces, so surprisingly kindly and conveyed to me so much affection and that loving kindness, which surpasseth understanding that I may well excuse myself of dilatory studies to know how to answer all. I rec'd from your brother Fred. a letter which I will try to answer soon, as I will all of them, but I must beg of you all to somewhat consider my capacity to either write or invite letters so fast to loving kinsman and kinswoman of whom I scarcely even know-

It is of myself you wish to know - I feel assured. Then I am old, broken in health, a lawyer with more practice than fees -- poor as the celebrated Christmas fowl of the late lamented Job of biblical history.

I have been a Union Soldier of the late war, was wounded three times, was in Salisbury N.C. Military prison, was garated, and discharged - came back to Mother (note: garrate is related to choking). Went into wholesale Grocery-business-broke up kite like. Went through the bankruptsy courts lost 13,000 dollars never recovered, finished my law studies was admitted to all the state courts-and the departments was sunstruct, and lost 5 years of my life about. Got a pension-at 54. My family consists of ten children six in heaven, and four with me - those 4 are Chas. Edd-25, Kate 18, Arielle 16 - and my baby Petrovna Jane 11.

I am very much inclined to accept your brother Fred's invitation to visit Florida - if you rebs down there won't quarrel with me. I am and have been since Grant's administration thoroughly identified with the democratic party. But I am now a Silverite to the bottom of the river. (historical notes: President Grant was a Republican whose administration devastated the South after the Civil War. At the 1896 convention the silverite-agrarian faction repudiated president Cleveland, and nominated the crusading orator William Jennings Bryan on a platform of free coinage of silver.)

My wife was a Page of the Page family of New Jersey - an old and very reputable family - I think I have no kin folks nearer geographically than you and my dear Sisters, your aunts - in Kansas Catherine Fowler and Mary Jane - I wish you would write me again and I will give you all the information of my county. You have never been our country - Ohio - first in grain and in grass - in learning - in politics and in - Fraud -.

I know you would like my family if you know them as I am sure I would yours - remember me kindly to all, and if opportunity affords give my affection to the widow of My verry dear dead brother Hiram whom I can yet remember.

Verry affectionately Your Uncle C.T. Pickett.

1898 Charles Pickett reported the name of his wife, Elizabeth R Page, and living children in an application for a Civil War pension. [Photocopy] Charles Pickett Civil War Pension, 1898.

1900 The business directory for Union City, Ohio and Indiana (population 4008) listed C T Pickett, attorney, Walnut (Street), Elizabeth, Katie, Ariel, Petrovna. [Photocopy] Charles Pickett, Union City directory 1900.

1900 Charles Pickett (age 59, born Apr 1841) and Elizabeth (age 54, born Sep 1845) lived in a rented home in Union City Village, Darke County, Ohio. With them were daughters Kate E. (schoolteacher), Areille M., and Petrovna J. (born Sep 1883, now at school). Charles's was an attorney-at-law and his place of birth was listed as Ohio with parents born in South Carolina and NC. Elizabeth had been married 34 years and was mother of 10 children, of whom 4 were living. Her parents were born in Ohio and New Jersey. [35][36]

1904 Elizabeth R Page and Charles T Pickett were named as the parents of Miss Petrovna Jane Pickett at her marriage to Charles M Wolfe. [37]

1905 Charles Pickett received a Civil War pension of $8 per month. His request for an increase was witnessed by E.A. Applegate. His physical exam indicated that he was 6 feet two inches tall and weighed 182 pounds. His complexion was dark and he had gray eyes and hair. His occupation was notary public. ... atrophy of liver beginning, as a result of intemperate habits. Abdomen enlarged by ascites. [38]

1905 Charles T Pickett was admitted to the National Home for Disabled Veterans, in Dayton, Ohio, on November 17 . Wife Elizabeth R Pickett lived in Union City, Indiana c/o Mr Applegate. [39]

1905 Elizabeth R Page Pickett died at age 60 years, 3 months, and 20 days on Sunday 24 Dec at her residence on North Walnut Street, Union City, Ohio. Funeral services were held at the U.B. church by Rev Dunkleberger. She was buried at Union City cemetery, Randolph County, Indiana [40]. No family was named. [41] Another notice reported that John Page, of Anderson, Indiana, was called to Union City by the death of his sister Mrs. Charles Pickett.

c 1906 Charles Pickett lived at the National Soldier's Home in Dayton, Ohio before his death. [42] [Photocopy, National Soldiers Home, Dayton, Ohio, c 1885-1905, where Charles Pickett died in 1907.]

1907 Charles T. Pickett was at the National Soldier Home, Dayton, Ohio when he died on 17 October. His daughter, Katie Pickett, Union City, Indiana, was notified of his death by telegram at 8:30 am on 17 October. Wife, Elizabeth R. Pickett was listed at Union City, Ind, care of Mr. Applegate. He was 64 years old with gray eyes and hair, sallow complexion, and height 6 feet 2 inches. [Photocopy] 1907 National Soldier Home, Dayton, Ohio record. [43] [Photocopy, Charles Pickett's Civil War pension and payment of 12 dollars per month was stopped upon his death 17 October, 1907.]

Charles Pickett's gravestone in Union City cemetery, Indiana recognizes his Civil War service.[44][45]

1907 Charles T. Pickett was buried in the Union City Indiana cemetery Lot # 746 (Soldier Space 4), on Oct 19 (South side, three cross streets in from East entrance). The Civil War gravestone identified him as a Corporal in Company C of Ohio Cavalry 10.

1907 Charles Pickett's obituary appeared in several newspapers, including the Union City Times on Friday Oct 25 [Photocopy, 1905 Obituary for Charles Pickett.] [Photocopy, 1905 Death notice for Charles Pickett.] [Photocopy, 1905 Front page of newspaper with Charles Pickett's death notice.]:

Charles T. Pickett dies at Dayton O, Thursday. News of the death of C.T. Pickett, at Dayton, O, was received this morning. His daughter, Miss Kate Pickett, left at once for Dayton to arrange for the funeral. The body will arrive this evening at 7:30 and will be taken to Thurston's on Walnut St.

Charles T. Pickett, forty years ago, was one of the brightest and best business men in Union City. He was a great reader and after he took up the practice of law there were few attorneys who could make a better plea. He had one besetting sin that held him fast in its clutches; but now that he is gone we only care to remember his good qualities and draw the mantle of charity over his remains. Many were the kind words he gave the editor of this paper in his early experience in business and during all his life we ever esteemed his friendship. Peace to his memory.

Died - Charles T Pickett, Thursday morning, Oct 17, 1907 at National Soldiers Home, Dayton, Ohio. Age 66 years, 6 months and 14 days. Brought to Union City Thursday evening. Funeral services held from residence 334 Walnut street, Ohio side Saturday 2 p.m. conducted by Rev. Bowers. View remains Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friends of family invited. Interment City Cemetery.

Death Notice: Corporal Charles T Pickett, DVS, 10th Ohio Cavalry, Company C, died October 17, age 72 [sic]. [46]

Research notes:

Neither the Page or the Pickett family had been in Ohio for very many years before Charles moved there. Here is a summary of how part of the Pickett family eventually ended up in Darke County, Ohio. [Story, Why Charles Pickett was in Ohio.]

Pickett family tree made about 1940. [My starting point for Pickett genealogy, thanks to Linda Applegate]

Charles Pickett's granddaughter, Gladys Teegarden, wrote to his great grandson, Robert Wolfe (annotations by Robert Wolfe) [47]:

Charles Pickett was a lawyer. A very intelligent lawyer. At one time, when my mother (Petrovna Jane) was a little girl in a grocery store, she heard some of the businessmen of the city saying "If it weren't for that one habit (drinking) they would send that man to Congress". He handled some very important cases. Also, he served as an honor guard (cavalry) to President Lincoln when he lay in state at the White House (unverified). He was in Sherman's march to the sea. Also, some of his brothers served in the Confederate army (unverified). General Pickett, Southern army, was a relative.


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