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Notes for James Edward Wolfe and Martha Katherine Timberlake

We have researched this family to determine it there was a relationship to one of our ancestors: Ira Gerald Wolfe [1]. Based on dna testing, there is no direct relationship.

1861 Martha Katherine Timberlake was born in Going Snake Dist, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, now Adair, Oklahoma.

1880 Martha Katherine appeared on the 1880 Cherokee National Census while living in Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, IT (now Oklahoma). Her age on the Cherokee Census was given as 19 years.

1880 James E. Wolfe (age 30, born in Pennsylvania, married) lived in Uxbridge Twp, Worcester County, Massachusetts, in a household with Elizabeth Wolfe (age 30), James E. Wolfe (age 2, born MA), and Mary E.A. Wolfe (age 6/12, born Rhode Island). James E . Wolfe's parents were both born in Pennsylvania. James E . Wolfe's occupation was evangelish. [2]

1888 James Edward Wolfe and Martha Katherine Timberlake were married at Delaware District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.

1900 James E Wolfe (born in Pennsylvania in Sep 1849) lived in Township 25, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, in a household with Kate Wolfe (age 39), Edward Wolfe (age 22), Eva Wolfe (age 20), Paul Wolfe (age 10), Ralph Wolfe (age 5), Gordan Wolfe (age 2), Margaret Wolfe (age 3/12), Margaret Timberlake (age 64), Jennie Timberlake (age 41), Audy Underwood (age 82), Flora Collier (age 20), Katie Collier (age 18), Lucia Clark (age 15), and Frank Hastings (age 14). James E Wolfe's parents were both born in Pennsylvania. James E Wolfe's occupation was farmer. [3]

1910 James E Wolfe (age 60, born in Pennsylvania, married for 21 years) lived in Vinita Ward 2, Craig County, Oklahoma, in a household with Kate T Wolfe (age 49), Ralph Wolfe (age 15), Louise M Wolfe (age 10), Kathrie Wolfe (age 4), Margrett Timberlake (age 73), Jennie Timberlake (age 52), and Jacob O Wolfe (age 49). James E Wolfe's parents were both born in Pennsylvania. James E Wolfe could read and write. James E Wolfe's occupation was preacher. [4]

1920 Kate T Wolfe (age 58, born in Oklahoma, widowed) lived in Los Angeles Assembly District 72, Los Angeles County, California, in a household with Ralph A Wolfe (age 25), Gordon B Wolfe (age 22), Louise M Wolfe (age 19), Kathryn Wolfe (age 14), and Jennie Timberlake (age 60). Kate T Wolfe's father was born in Georgia and her mother was born in Oklahoma. Kate T Wolfe could read and write. [5]

1950 Katherine Timberlake Wolfe, daughter of Timberlake and Rogus, died on March 31, 1950, in Los Angeles County, California. Katherine Timberlake Wolfe was born on January 19, 1861, in Oklahoma. [6]

She was assigned Dawes-Cherokees by Blood Enrollment Card #3767.
See the website http://www.nancyward.com/ for the ancestry of Kate back to Cherokee leader Nancy Ward (Nan-ye-he GHI-GA-U).

A biographical sketch of James Edward reports the following [Source: The Indian Territory Its Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men, by H. F. & E. S. O'Beirne, St. Louis, C. B. Woodward Company, 1892]:

J. Edward Wolfe was born September 12, 1849, at Hampton, Adams County, Pennsylvania, oldest son of Jacob Wolfe, a popular merchant of the same place, and Mary Connor, of Scotch and Irish descent. Edward attended public school until the outbreak of the war, when he became an apprentice to the printer's trade in the Gazette office, Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania. Here he remained several years, attaching himself for a while to the Carlisle Volunteer, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Later he held a position in the government printing office, at Washington, D. C., after which he was led into evangelistic work through the Rev. E. P. Hammon, with whom he went to Philadelphia and Newport, Massachusetts. At this point he was city missionary, and remained for one year. During this time he had many rough and strange experiences. In order to aid him in his battle against rum, he established a newspaper, which soon stirred the ire of the whisky-sellers, and he was prosecuted for libel by a notorious rum-seller. Being refused bail, he was imprisoned for three days, and during this time the paper was issued from the jail. The consequence was that on December 11, the election day, the temperance party carried the day by a plurality of 929. On this day he was assaulted by a cowardly, prize-fighting rum-seller, who knocked him down and treated him in a brutal manner. But this did not in any way weaken the courage of Brother Wolfe who, after this event, had many friends to assist him in his good work. In 1878 he moved to Quincy, and from there to Uxbridge, Mass., from thence to Bethel, Providence, Rhode Island, and on to Washington, D. C., where he engaged in evangelistic work. In 1881 he moved to York, Pennsylvania, where he remained three years, taking a trip to Mexico through the Indian Territory, where he remained a short time, holding meetings at various points along the line. He was soon afterward made Presbyterian evangelist for Texas, and in 1888 settled in Vinita, Indian Territory, as independent evangelist, where, in connection with his wife, he opened an Indian orphanage based upon the "faith and work" system. In this school he now has a number of orphan children, who are being educated and taught different trades, while cared for and supported by Evangelist Wolfe and wife, through the occasional assistance of friends interested in the work, and partly by products from the orphanage farm, situated about five miles from Vinita, Indian Territory. Mr. Wolfe married, in 1874, to Miss Kate Timberlake, daughter of A. W. Timberlake, at one time president of the board of education. Mrs. Wolfe is connected with some of the leading Cherokee families. By this marriage they have two children. Evangelist Wolfe is about the middle height, heavily built and fair-complexioned, with great force of character written upon his countenance. His manner is cheerful and sympathetic; his language is fluent, rising at intervals to the very summit of oratorical grandeur. What matters if he has his faults, so long as Brother Wolfe has it in his power, and uses that power, to lead men to Christ and wean them from the world, which he has undoubtedly succeeded in doing, as the writer of this biography can cheerfully testify. "The good that a man does outlives him," and begets such good that virtue continues to be immortal. Rev. Mr. Wolfe is conducting a religious paper entitled John 3, 16, which is having a large circulation.


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