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CNET Tv : The Web

The Web

Once upon a time, it took considerable know-how to get a site up and running. Now, thanks to a wide variety of HTML editors, you don't even need to know HTML to create your own Web page. So now that every 15-year-old in the country has a Web site, how do you separate the dudes from the duds?

Let The Web be your guide. Each week we'll cover the essential informational resources, clever entertainment extravaganzas, and unspeakable lapses of taste that make Web surfing such an adventure.

send us your suggestions
If you have a site that makes you sing (or one that makes you sick), tell us about it. Submissions to the hall of fame go to fame@cnet.com; ideas for the hall of shame go to shame@cnet.com. Be sure to send the URL so we know where to find it!

shopping sites
home shopping network hits the Web.

still in preview, but eventually you'll be able to order dream items from your computer.

The Internet Mall:
mall-shopping was the quintessential '80s experience, will this site be the quintessential '90s experience?

Price Costco Online:
buy everything, or just check out the free samples.

Internet Plaza:
this site will also help you find a job to pay for your online purchasing habit.

Golf Online:
prepare for your weekend game from your computer at work.

The Jihad to Destroy Barney on the Worldwide Web:
dedicated to eradicating the so-called Purple Menace.

Bald is Beautiful Homepage:
who needs hair?

Flake World Eat or Die!:
these folks are serious about their cereals.

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