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Web Usability OverSite


HCI OverSite

This site seeks to collect information produced by those in the field of human-computer interaction.

(As the name implies, I know I've missed many sites ;-) If you know of sites that could be added, please send them to John Cady.


ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI)

Usability Professionals' Association

British HCI Group: a specialist group of the British Computer Society

h/c/interact: the ASIS SIG/HCI's site

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The HCI Bibliography: over 10,000 entries

Recommended User Interface Books

Recommended Books on the Future of User Interface

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Interface Guidelines

Apple's Human Interface Principles

HCI Resources: Guidelines, styleguides, standards

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HCI Resources: Research Labs and Projects

Interesting HCI places : North America

Yahoo's list of HCI institutes

Apple Human Interface


Microsoft Usability Home Page

Human Factors at Ameritech

Human Computer Interaction Research Group

Human Cognition Research Laboratory at The Open University, UK

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland

Center for Human-Computer Studies in Sweden

The Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center at Georgia Institute of Technology

Human Interface Technology Lab

INUSE (Information Engineering Usability Support Centres) project

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ACM Interactions Magazine

ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

HCI NEWS! -- looks like the last issue was published in September of '95

Human-Computer Interaction a journal put out by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (this site does not contain content -- only contact information and past issues' tables of contents)

Common Ground: newsletter of the Usability Professionals' Association

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Research Findings and Papers

Human Computer Interaction Archive -- a large archive of papers housed at the London & South-East Centre for High Performance Computing

Exploring the Usability of Distributed Documents

Student HCI Online Research Experiments from a Ben Shneiderman University of Maryland course

HCIL Technical Reports

Clarifying Search: A User-Interface Framework for Text Searches by Ben Shneiderman

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Usability Testing and Evaluation

Usability testing from the University of Colorado

Review of Usability Testing Chapter of the book Techniques for Technical Communicators by Carol M. Barnum and Saul Carliner (Reviewed by Kerry Olson)

Usability Studies on a Tight Budget

A Do-it-Yourself Usability Kit

The Usability Methods Toolbox

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Listing of human computer interaction researchers online

User Interface Software Tools

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Other Indices

Human-Computer Interaction Virtual Library

ACM SIGCHI: HCI-Related Sites

Pathfinder for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Specialized HCI Indexes

Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net

Ergonomics [and HCI] World Wide Web Links

UI-DESIGN Web: a specialist site covering books, software tools, design studios, showcase events, netsites and jobs (access the pages of the site via the masthead imagemap graphic)

Good HCI Samples

A Quick Guide to Usability Engineering Resources

Gary Perlman's Resources on HCI

The British HCI Group Web Resources

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For HCI sites dealing with the Web, see also the Web Usability OverSite

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