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Here is my family's Cady background (I wish I also had my mom's side of the family; I'm working on it):

If you want to know more about me, here it is (just don't say I didn't warn you ;-)

- John Cady
  Ann Arbor, Michigan

Like many Cadys, we can trace our Cady lineage back only to Nicholas Cady (1615-1710). Though we have no certain proof of his background prior to arriving in this country, he came to America (probably from County Suffolk in England) some time prior to 1645. He married Judith Knapp, and they had eight children, the last of which was my ancestor Joseph Cady.

Captain Joseph Cady, born May 28, 1666 in Watertown, Massachusetts, married Sarah Davis, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Waters) Davis. He died December 29, 1742 in Killingly, Connecticut.

David Cady was born on September 17, 1703, probably in Killingly, Connecticut. He married Hannah Whitmore, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Waters) Whitmore in 1722. He died in Killingly on November 1, 1788. She died July 1803.

Joseph Cady was born June 25, 1727 in Killingly, Connecticut. He married Zerviah Hosmer in 1748. He died in 1794.

Joseph Cady was born August 12, 1772 in Killingly, Connecticut. He married Mary Fisher (born June 27, 1772) in 1797. He died February 21, 1845 in Putnam, Connecticut. She died November 2, 1813.

Curtis Cady was born October 30, 1808 in Killingly, Connecticut. He was a cabinet maker and married Eliza Furness (b. February 15, 1813- d. March 28, 1847) in 1830; they had 8 children. In 1839. they moved to Brimfield, Illinois. He then married Maria P. Miles (b. May 29, 1823- d. December 28, 1848) in 1848; they had 1 child. He then married Abigail Robinson (b. May 25, 1827- d. November 4, 1887) in 1850; they had 8 children. He died in Brimfield on June 27, 1896.

Horace Orlando Cady was born October 20, 1859 in Brimfield, Illinois. He was in the general merchandise trade, and married Mary Elizabeth Chapman (b. March 1, 1862- d. January 17, 1912) in 1882. He then married Olive C. Herriott (b. August 23, 1882- d. ?) in 1913. He died April 10, 1941.

Harold Curtis Cady was born April 8, 1888 in Brimfield, Illinois. He married Carolyn Nelson (born August 25, 1891) in 1912 (both had graduated from Hedding College). Also in 1912, Harold became a partner in the H.O. Cady and Son general store, and in 1945, he and Carolyn started the C&H Grocery. Carol also taught music and served as a church organist. She was killed in a car accident in 1957. Harold died of natural causes on March 3, 1966.

Harold Keith Cady was born in 1914 in Brimfield, Illinois. He married Victoria Louise Dieball (b. 1914 in Glencoe, Illinois) in 1937. Harold graduated from both Lake Forest College and Northwestern University, and became a teacher and eventually Dean of students at Oak Park-River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois. Victoria graduated from Northwestern University and became a certified Public Health Nurse. They had two sons, Wendall Cady and Paul Cady. Harold and Victoria live in Oak Park.

Paul Cady was born in Evanston, Illinois in 1940. He married Jeri Lynn McKean (born in 1943) in 1964. They had two sons, John and Scott. Paul graduated from Lake Forest College, where he was goalie and captain of the soccer team and editor of the college yearbook. He is a senior database administrator and lives in Oak Park.

I (John Cady) was born in 1965 in Yokosuka, Japan. I attended Knox College, and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1988. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and work as a Webmaster.

1. Nicholas Cady (1615-1710)
m. Judith Knapp (?-?)
2. Joseph Cady (1666-1742)
m. Sarah Davis (1667-?)
3. David Cady (1703-1788)
m. Hannah Whitmore (1705-1803)
4. Joseph Cady (1727-1794)
m. Zerviah Hosmer (?-?)
5. Joseph Cady (1772-1845)
m. Mary Fisher (1772-1813)
6. Curtis Cady (1808-1896)
m. Eliza Furness (1813-1847)
m. Maria Miles (1823-1848)
m. Abigail Robinson (1827-1887)
(Curtis had 17 children!)
7. Horace Orlando Cady (1859-1941)
m. Mary Elizabeth Chapman (1862-1912)
m. Olive C. Herriott (1882-?)
8. Harold Curtis Cady (1888-1966)
m. Carolyn Nelson (1891-1957)
9. Harold Keith Cady (1914- )
m. Victoria Louise Dieball (1914- )
10. Paul Keith Cady (1940- )
m. Jeri Lynn (1943- )
11. me (1965- )
m. no one, yet