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Welcome to All Things Cady! This site is dedicated to those proud folks who travel under the name of Cady (and regularly get it mispronounced as "Caddy" or "Cody"). For the record, it rhymes with lady, in case you're planning to write a song.

If you have an interest in Cadys too, why don't you take a look around.

I really hope these pages can be a collaboration between Cadys and fans of Cadys. So if you can add any information, links, pictures, anecdotes, achievements, etc. to this collection, I'll credit you thoroughly.

If you're a Cady and want to say hi, give me a holler. And if you're not a Cady and want to say hi, by all means give a holler too. But lest you mistake me for an expert: I am not a genealogist, I just like Cadys. Hopefully these pages will answer your questions; most everything I know about Cadys is right here.

Enjoy Cadying!

- John Cady (of the Oak Park, Illinois Cadys)
  Ann Arbor, Michigan