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Below are just a few Cady people and companies I've come across in my searching. Write to me with any additions.

Cadys Across the U.S.

Famous, Semi-Famous, & Infamous Cady People

  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton, one of the leaders in the quest for women's rights
    (see photos of petitions in the National Archives); filmmaker Ken Burns is working on a documentary about the lives of Elizabeth and fellow activist Susan B. Anthony

  • Frank Cady (born September 8, 1915), television and movie actor best known as Mr. Drucker on Green Acres (1965-71); also appeared in Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1954-65), Petticoat Junction (1963-70), and the great film Rear Window - photo

  • Max Cady, psychopath of the film Cape Fear (1962, 1991), lovingly portrayed by Robert DeNiro and Robert Mitchum

  • Major Nahum Ward Cady, a field officer of the Union Army during the Civil War

Soon-To-Be Famous Cady People

Adopted Cadys

  • Cady McClain, star of the television soap opera "All My Children"

  • Private A. Cady Brown, Civil War soldier? (his photograph by Mathew Brady is in the National Archives)

Fine Cady Foods

  • Cady Cheese Factory in Wilson, Wisconsin (be sure to take a tour with their lovable mascot, Cady Curd)

  • Cady's Grill in Ypsilanti, Michigan -- I've tried this one myself and it's excellent (map)

  • Cady's Grove in Sarasota, Florida (purveyors of fine citrus products)

Sleep With a Cady (Bed and Breakfasts)

Other Quality Cady Companies

  • Cady Industries
  • Cady Systems (PC technical support services)
  • CadyTech (database design, application design and development, training, technical help, and Web site construction)
  • East Coast Barn Builders of Roxbury, Connecticut (started by Ed Cady in 1960, and run by Cadys now)
  • Instant Advisor (Bruce Cady's market trading advisory service, and home of the coveted address)
  • Cady Company in Romulus, Michigan map
  • Robert E. Cady Insurance in Flushing, Michigan - map
  • Cady's Superette in Battle Creek, Michigan - map
  • Robert W. Cady, DDS in Saginaw, Michigan - map
  • F. J. Cady, Jr., MD in Saginaw, Michigan - map
  • Cady Mastromarco & Jahn PC in Saginaw, Michigan - map
  • Donald J. Cady in Saginaw, Michigan - map
  • Cady Management Consulting in Naperville, Illinois - map
  • E. J. Cady and Company in Wheeling, Illinois - map
  • James B. Cady Insurance in Hoffman Estates, Illinois - map
  • Cady Heating and Cooling in Sycamore, Illinois - map
  • Dean Cady (Attorney) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - map
  • Cady Incorporated in Tipton, Iowa - map
  • Cady Carpentry and Construction in Coralville, Iowa - map
  • Cady Aerial Spray in Deer Grove, Illinois - map
  • Cady Oil Company in Peoria, Illinois - map
  • Mark S. Cady (Judge) in Des Moines, Iowa - map
  • Cady Machine and Welding in Colo, Iowa - map
  • Norm Cady Roofing and Construction in Gerry, New York - map
  • Cadys Hallmark Card and Gift Shop in Warren, Pennsylvania - map
  • Cady Water in Troupsburg, New York - map