In the Morning,
In the Evening,
Ain't We Got Bald

A few years ago, I was nominated to the small and select list of Proud Bald Men on the Web (see the Bald Is Beautiful homepage).

I have been bald since the age of 21 (over a decade of comb-free living and counting), and I have no intention of not being bald anytime soon.

If you would prefer I grow hair, you're going to have to pay me a lot of money, and invent some miracle cure. If, on the other hand, you revel in my near-abject hairlessness or are simply indifferent to the whole thing, check out these fine links:

Bald As the Day Is Long


So who am I... the eternal question
and perhaps more importantly,
How do I feel

Links of Interest to Fellow or Would-Be Shinies

  • Bald By Choice Men Club
    This Yahoo! Club on baldness, as well as pics, links, an experiences archive, a how-to on shaving a head, and much more (I'm sure they welcome bald women too)

    Baldy books, jokes, and pics of famous smoothies; you can even vote for baldguy of the year and century

    Not to be confused with the above, this Home of the Dome sports a hall of fame, a hall of shame, and is looking for ideas for further features (as long as they contain no hair)

    Follow the links to a chat room and a forum (message board)

  • Baldness Cures and Consequences
    From the alt.self-improve FAQ

  • Baldness.Net
    Information about hair loss, baldness cures, etc.

  • HairFree Home Page
    Advice on how to become cranially cleansed and stay that way, a chat room and mailing list, and many more links to other sites

  • HeadBlade
    A razor designed for shaving heads