A dinosaur walks up to this guy and says, "I'm extinct, you know", and the guy says, "Oh I know it. You'd better go take a shower."

This bit of humor is brought to you by :

The Thompson Plate Gallery announces a limited edition firing of a stunning new plate entitled "Oh That Hurt." Designer Andy Hampton's plates have won critical acclaim, and the value of his 1992 "Geena Davis Naked From the Ankle Down" plate has increased over 600% in just three years.

"Oh That Hurt" is a powerful montage depicting the various assassinations of world figures during the 1960s: the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Mahatma Ghandi, Alfalfa. Rendered so realistically and with such vibrant color, you'll swear you're being splattered with red cells. Call now to order your very own plate, before these tragedies become someone else's keepsake.

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