oh ye of little faith who dare to question supreme truth where ever ye may find it, look well upon the horrible face of Abbosholeth of swampy downtown French Lick, IN, king of the 1 hr dry cleaners.

For it is written that on the third day of the millenium at 2:43 pm under a partly-cloudy sky, light winds from the south east & a falling barometer that the failure of ball park franks to plump when you cook 'em will herald a new age of buy one-get one free and sea monkeys dancing in the streets for one and all.

For ABBOSHOLETH and his terrible minion, the drip-dry BIBBENGA- NAROSHOLETH the third of suburban Dayton, OH (pickle capitol of the continental U.S.) shall be cast down into the eternal unending very deep pool of imitation pasteurized processed cheese food.

Yea, I say unto you, heed my words and live anew to dance in the streets wearing your complimentary plastic rain hats in fashion colors. Amen.
- Laura Cook, labor relations professional and mother of three

I'm impressed