Live & Learn from Uncle Lou

adages from a man whose wisdom knew no bounds

© 1992-1995 John Cady and the Lounge Life Press
All rights reserved.

ISBN 1-886099-00-6

Live and Learn from Uncle Lou was written by John Cady and published by the Lounge Life Press. Cover design and graphic opinions were by Amy VerHelst. Any similarity to actual persons having ever lived (or as yet unborn) is purely coincidental. Except similarities to Amy. Those were intentional.

Uncle Lou is based on a character created by John Cady in The Michigan Delay (© 1988, 1989 The Whippersnapper Card Club).

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I would like to dedicate this book to the lives that were lost in the 1300s to the Great Plague, and to Mark Bankstahl, Paul Bennett, Beth Penrod, Jim Stevens, and Amy VerHelst, who, after being forced to read a multitude of bad adages, probably wish they lived in the 1300s.

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