C++/MATLAB book for ENG101

The newest version of the book is only available on-line and changes frequently.
It's not really a book, it's really a set of lecture notes and exercises.
It's a waste of trees to print it out!
Instead, use it online, or download to your laptop.
Be sure to update it frequently.

An older version has been published as:
Introduction to Computers and Programming using C++ and Matlab
by Alex F. Bielajew
Published by Wiley Custom Services
ISBN 0-471-27363-5

There may be some available at bookstores but no new copies were ordered this year. Or, you might be able to persuade a former student to give up hers or his. However, the on-line version will be more complete and more up-to-date. And, it's free!

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Other books?
Other books that I like are:
Holloway's, "Algorithms and Programming"
Deitel and Deitel's, "C++: How to Program"
Hanselman and Littlefields's, "Mastering Matlab 6"

Unless you're rich, don't by a book unless you need one. You need one, when you don't understand something, and can't get a satisfactory explanation any other way. So, hit the bookshelves. If you find an explanation that makes sense to you, that's probably the book for you. That's how I choose a book. And that's what those comfy chairs are for in Barnes and Noble.