Perverse sheaves (Math 731)

Time and location: 11:30am - 1:00pm in 2866 East Hall, every Tuesday and Thursday

Office hours: Tuesday 3:00pm - 5:00pm, Friday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

A syllabus can be found here.

Problem sets

Problem set 1

Problem set 2 (updated on 10/18)

Problem set 3

Problem set 4 (updated on 10/19)

Problem set 5

Summer seminar

A plan for the summer seminar on Weil II


  • ``Faisceaux pervers,'' better known as BBD
  • "Weil conjectures, perverse sheaves and l'adic Fourier transform" by R. Kiehl and R. Wiessauer
  • Goresky and Macpherson's original papers (1 and 2) on intersection homology; the first one develops the theory using geometric chains, while the second one gives Deligne's sheaf-theoretic formulation
  • Macpherson's notes on intersection homology and perverse sheaves
  • De Cataldo and Migliorini's survey paper on perverse sheaves and the decomposition theorem
  • Klingler's course notes on intersection cohomology and perverse sheaves
  • Massey's notes on vanishing cycles and perverse sheaves
  • Beilinson's paper on the derived category of perverse sheaves
  • Beilinson's paper on glueing perverse sheaves, and Ryan Reich's notes on it
  • Kleiman's article on the history of intersection cohomology
  • More references on etale cohomology